Amanda Gittleson

Operations and HR Manager

Favorite hobby(s)?

Knitting, reading, slacklining, hiking

Favorite sport or sports team?

Don’t really follow sports but as a DMV native – Go Caps, Nats, DC United, Washington Spirit, Wizards, Mystics and Washington Football!

Favorite programming language, or what language you would want to learn if you were going to learn one?


What social cause are you most passionate about?

Environment, homeless and housing, human rights

What startup and/or innovate product do you like/use the most?

Uber, Lyft, Classpass

What do you like best about being a recruiter and/or working with software engineers/startups?

I’ve always had an interest in tech (my focus was cyber-psychology in college – check it out!) and I love that we are constantly exposed to the newest and most innovative tech. I also really enjoy working with people who are involved with startups – people have a passion and drive that you don’t really find in other industries.

How long have you worked in the software, startup, and/or recruiting space?

Going on almost 3 years in the startup space