Bolling Cranford

Software Recruiter

Favorite hobby(s)?

Fishing and boating

Favorite sport or sports team?

Florida State Seminoles and the Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite programming language, or what language you would want to learn if you were going to learn one?

Currently learning SQL and would like to learn more about Golang

What social cause are you most passionate about?

Anything dealing with youth education

What startup and/or innovate product do you like/use the most?

Despite loving the outdoors, and it not necessarily being innovative, I am guilty of binging Netflix. With that being said, with all of the streaming services coming out, I think we will get brought back to cable companies winning and forcing us back to that type of model.

What do you like best about being a recruiter and/or working with software engineers/startups?

Hearing about projects people are working on or about the products startups are working on

How long have you worked in the software, startup, and/or recruiting space?

I have been in IT recruiting for a little over two years, recruiting for four, and hatch IT is the first startup I have worked for but loving it

Anything else you’d like to add? Advice for other recruiters? Advice for software engineers? Thoughts on the future of startups in DC?

Excited to see what startups emerge in the DC area in 2020!