We love creating awesome candidate experiences – from initial outreach to offer.

Here are some kind things our candidates have said about working with our recruiters. 💗

“I really appreciate your work on this, and the evidently good match you made. It was a great fit, they clearly wanted me enough to offer me a salary that I found very fair from the get-go, and all communication between us was super professional and pleasant at the same time. I’m very excited for this. I will recommend you and your company to every person who I know is looking for a job in tech and product fields.”– Rony Balagula

I’m not interested in a new position at this time. But for the record, that was a really good cold email. Lots of details about the company, position, and compensation. That is exactly the kind of information that I want to see when considering a new job. Keep it up, and I’m sure you’ll find an excellent candidate in no time!