From Engineer to X: The Career Paths of Successful Leaders in Tech | The Pair Program Ep06

Apr 19, 2022

Join us as our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to startup tech leaders Padmashree Koneti and Seth Cousins.

Padmashree has spent over 25 years building a career in tech, spanning Software Engineering, Product Management and Operations. Padmashree deeply believes that each person’s career is a unique journey, more akin to rock climbing the face of a mountain than a linear progression on a well-defined path. Seth has been working on software in various forms for over 25 years now. He started as a software engineer in test and moved through various developer and architect roles before jumping over to delivery, then leadership, then to product management.

In this episode, our guests openly discuss their career journeys and lessons learned. You’ll come away inspired to explore your own career path with creativity and enthusiasm! 

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