VC vs. Holding Company: Why Your Startup’s Funding Source Actually Matters | The Pair Program Ep02

Feb 22, 2022

How does a startup evolve from risky venture to stable organization? What role does funding play in a startup’s trajectory? 

In this episode, co-hosts Tim and Mike, alongside our guests Michael Grove and Spiro Roiniotis, dissect how the source of funding impacts the way startups scale. Michael is SVP of Engineering and Co-Founder at Stardog, where he manages their world-class engineering organization and helps shape the direction of the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Spiro is CTO and co-founder of Decile, a premier e-commerce analytics platform that helps clients make insightful data-driven decisions about their business.   

You’ll learn: 

– The impact that funding has on a startup’s employee workforce and growth potential. 

– The pros and cons of getting funding from a Venture Capital vs a Holding Company. 

– How startups stabilize, mature, and become appealing companies to work for.   

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