VP of Engineering Hired Within 30 Days

We were referred by a venture fund to help CMT Solutions quickly fill a key technical executive role. 

Compay Name: CMT Solutions
Term: 1 Month
Website: https://cmtsolutions.com/

Andrew Mignatti

President & CEO, CMT Solutions


“I hired hatch I.T. to search for a VP of Engineering…. They did a great job of understanding the needs of the business based on size and stage. They identified great candidates that fit the needs of the company.

They understood what the candidate wanted from a compensation standpoint and delivered that message to the company, which lead to a successful hire.”

Customer: CMT Solutions (30 person recently funded Series A startup focused in the health-tech space)

Problem: The CEO (Andrew Mignatti) came to us with a need to bring on board a Vice President of Engineering immediately. The company had just raised a series A round of funding and needed to transition from outsourced dev support, and build out the development team internally. The VPE was the pressing key hire to build up the engineering infrastructure. Once the VP was in place they planned to pause for a couple of months, then hire up a Senior Engineer to focus on development.

Recruiting Solution: CMT was referred to hatch I.T. through a venture capital firm, because we had made several other key hires for their portfolio. Given CMT came through a referral network, hatch I.T honored a discounted rate for the initial VPE hire.

Within the first 24 hours of support, we identified, screened, and presented five (5) qualified VP candidates to the CEO for review. Given our specialty with product startups and past performance with executive level positions, we were able to quickly tap into their network of pre-qualified candidates. Within 30 days, an offer was extended and accepted by one of the first five candidates they had presented.

Two months after the new VPE started with CMT, they asked us to identify a Senior Engineer to work under the VP. We qualified the role, and identified, screened and presented four (4) qualified engineers to the VP within one week. Within 30 days, an offer was extended and accepted by one of the first batch of engineers presented.

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