27 Engineers within 20 Months

Scale helped DivvyCloud scale their engineering team after the Series B round.

Compay Name: DivvyCloud
Term: 24 Months
Website: https://divvycloud.com/

Peter Scott

Chief Operating Officer, DivvyCloud


“The top 3 value-adds you can expect from hatch I.T. and their Scale recruiting program are as follows:

1. They learned our culture and evolving needs. – That allowed them to make recommendations from a place of deep customer knowledge. When the team said to take another look at a candidate because they were a good fit, I’d do just that.

2. They were Agile. – We’ve had different stakeholders (leadership, recruiting leads, HR, etc.), recruiting priorities, IT systems, process steps, etc. Hatch I.T. rolled with the changes and stayed focused on bringing us high quality candidates.

3. They provided a dedicated team. – We had the same consistent team for most of our engagement which has been great. They were essentially part of the DivvyCloud team.”

Customer: DivvyCloud (27 person cloud security, governance & compliance software startup based in Arlington, VA)

Problem: The COO (Peter Scott) was tasked to scale the engineering and product teams quickly and affordably. The company had received a Series B round of funding with the goal of scaling the product and engineering teams from 10 to 30 within 24 months. Their biggest challenge was recruiting the right engineering talent quickly without breaking the bank. They had already spent $70K on 3 hires via contingency firms.   

Scale Solution: hatch I.T. engaged on a 12 month scale program. We spent extensive time upfront understanding the current breakdown of teams, product vision, and tech stack. Integrated with DivvyCloud’s messaging platform (Slack), and Applicant Tracking System (Greenhouse).

We provided dedicated full-lifecycle recruitment support on all engineering/product/QA needs. We hired 27 engineers for DivvyCloud within a 20 month period while saving the firm 30% compared to contingency fees. We were able to boost brand awareness for DivvyCloud as a cloud-security leader in the local engineering community through dedicated outreach and event marketing.

Term: 24 Months. DivvyCloud was acquired by a Fortune 500 Cyber Company during our partnership term.

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