Deborah Darcis

Senior Software Recruiter

Favorite hobby(s)?

Video games, reading, hiking

Favorite sport or sports team?

Technically a Redskins fan but purely out of obligation

Favorite programming language, or what language you would want to learn if you were going to learn one?


What social cause are you most passionate about?

Environmental protection and animal rescues

What startup and/or innovate product do you like/use the most? 

I love the concept behind Whyhotel

What do you like best about being a recruiter and/or working with software engineers/startups?

Meeting interesting people and working with cool companies; helping people land their dream jobs

How long have you worked in the software, startup, and/or recruiting space?

Nearly 3 years (did 1 year of recruiting for a law firm out of college but I don’t count that)

Anything else you’d like to add? Advice for other recruiters?

Advice for software engineers? Thoughts on the future of startups in DC?  communication and transparency with your recruiter are key!