A partnership with hatch is more than just connecting your company with our engaged audience of software engineers, product designers & data scientist, it’s your outlet to share your startup’s story, company mission, vision and culture with the Greater D.C., Virginia & Maryland tech community.

Our Talent Support Models

Direct to Hire

Geared towards low-volume hiring (1-3 positions)

You let us know your needs, we find the talent

Engineers are your employees from day 1

Contingency Fees (You don’t pay a dime until candidate starts)

Contract or Contract to Hire

Geared towards short-term surge vacancies (3 months/6 months/1 year)
We hire the employee, we cover benefits & payroll
Engineers are hatch consultants on-site for your projects
Billed bi-weekly or monthly for every hour they work on-site


Geared towards high-volume hiring (4+ positions)
Hatch acts as an extension of your internal recruiting team
Dedicated recruiting team supporting all tech-related openings
Lower cost per hire, reduced time to fill
30-40% cost savings vs standard agency fees

How Is hatch IT Different from Other Recruiting Firms?

Specialist vs. Generalist

We only focus on product engineering talent & clients

We’re a Startup Helping Startups

We know the startup culture because we live the startup culture

Engaged Audience

We only support the DMV Region so engaging us immediately gives you exposure to thousands of pre-qualified engineers in our network

Brand Ambassadors

We market your company strategically with complete transparency to our trusted network of engineering talent

Startups That Have Hired Engineers Through hatch IT

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is hatch IT?

Hatch is a boutique tech-startup recruiting company. Home-grown in Northern Virginia (Leesburg) we are an established startup that helps local startups across DC/MD/VA find and hire engineering, product and data science talent.

How is hatch different from other recruiting agencies?

We are one of the only local recruiting partners that solely focuses on engineering & product recruitment for startups & small business in the DMV Region. We're a startup supporting startups so we now how important it is to dial in on engineers that can adapt to a startup culture. Given our narrow market, we've been able to build a database of local engineers that exceeds 120K candidates to date. We understand that engaging a traditional staffing firm with lofty contingency fees is often unrealistic for a startup to afford, therefore, we offer our innovative Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for startups model. This model allows for hatch to act as a true extension of our client's internal recruiting team and take on all the heavy lifting at half the cost of staffing fees.  Learn how we've helped several startups in the area with our Scale4Startups model here.

Is hatch a local recruiting or international company?

Since our inception in 2011 we've only focused on serving the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) region. At this time, we do not have offices outside of the DMV area nor do we recruit outside of the DMV area.

Does hatch recruit for temporary or contract positions?

We do support clients that have contract or contract-to-hire needs. We are fully equipped to provide hatch employees & contractors with a variety of benefits as needed.

What kind of companies does hatch partner with?

Hatch partners with startups and small businesses in the DC, Maryland, Virginia region. The bulk of our clients are startups with headcount ranging from 25 - 250 with a software product/tool being used in production, and are now looking to scale their engineering & product teams. 

What does the hatch recruiting process look like for clients?

When a client partners with hatch, we kickoff a discovery call to learn in the ins and outs of your company culture, the technical infrastructure & technology stack as well as the breakdown of the engineering team(s). We will also probe on key selling points of why candidates will want to work for your company so we can pitch the opportunity and company to candidates we speak with. We position ourselves to be brand ambassadors for your company and want to ensure we are selling the long term vision of your business as if we were an internal recruiter for your firm.