Join the local DC GoLang engineering community to hear how Eric Bittleman, Principal Software Engineer at Fugue, leveraged Go to build an application that solves the ETL “small file” problem.

Women in Data Science in DC

Kaggle Days Meetups are a series of events all over the world, created by Kaggle and LogicAI, that aim to gather Kagglers and people interested in Data Science around one city.

Seating is limited so please RSVP soon.

Learn to Use Go Reflection

Reflection is one of the most powerful features in Go, but it is also one of the least-understood. Join this this GolangDC meetup to learn what reflection can and can’t do, and how to use it to read and write variables, build functions and structs, and even parse a CSV into a struct.

Motivating Scala

“Motivating Scala” is a high-level examination of the key advantages for using Scala as your primary development language. Some of the topics to be covered include functional programming paradigms, code brevity, and JVM interoperability. Attendees will leave the talk feeling enthused about using Scala in both their professional organizations and personal projects!

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Reference from most recent Scala Meetup: refs_scalaAdjacent_20191016_d

Slides from our most recent Scala Meetup: slides_scalaAdjacent_20191016_e