Building Microservices - Scala Meetup

In this talk, we will present the new Typed API for Akka Actors. Akka Typed brings a new way to develop applications based on the Actor model, with many advantages over the classic Akka untyped API. We will cover basic Actor messaging, persistence and clustering, providing some advice on best practices while sharing some experiences from the field. At the end of this talk attendees should have a good understanding of what it takes to build a distributed, stateful microservice that can scale and is fault tolerant. We will also provide some tips on how to deploy these microservices to Kubernetes environments.

DC Python Meetup

Data science and machine learning are becoming an increasingly integral part of today’s businesses and Python has emerged as the leading programming language for Data Science teams across the world. In this talk, Matt Price will discuss common Data Science Python frameworks and tools and how Python is used throughout the Data Science workflow and in production at ZeroFOX. This talk will conclude with a live demo where Matt will demonstrate how to quickly bootstrap a negative sentiment model using the spaCy framework and the Prodigy annotation tool.

Golang DC Meetup

Go and Rust are two young programming languages that share a similar domain space and syntax, but there the similarities essentially end. One has a type system and design ethos very close to C, while the other is inspired by Haskell and ML. One eschews generics, while the other embraces them. Both have found rapid success in industry and open source, so they must each be onto some good ideas. This talk is a short introduction to Rust for programmers familiar with Go, its tooling and design patterns.

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