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Is Scale by hatch I.T. right for you?

The New Age of Recruiting

We've created the Scale by hatch I.T. model for companies targeting a more efficient, scalable, and cost-sensitive recruiting solution.

RPO New Age of Recruiting

How Scale by hatch I.T. Works

Meet Cynthia. She’s a CTO at a fast growing startup "Initech" in DC. Cynthia needs 6 engineering needs filled within 3 months to assist with their massive influx of TPS Reports. "Initech" engages hatch IT and signs up for a 3 month RPO.

Do I qualify for Scale by hatch I.T.?

  • You have multiple engineering and product needs
  • You have no internal recruiter or very few
  • You are scaling rapidly or are about to experience high growth
  • You are interested in cost savings
  • You are looking for additional brand awareness in the DMV engineering space
  • You are looking for a strategic recruiting partner who will provide dedicated support

If you checked a few of these boxes or just want more info, drop us a line.

Is Scale by hatch I.T. right for you?