How Startups Grow Their Tech Teams

Startups grow their product, engineering, and data teams quickly, predictably, and affordably with Scale.

Our Scale recruiting program provides guaranteed interviews with technical candidates for a fixed monthly price.

Here’s Why Startups Use the Scale Model

Rapid Candidate Delivery

Scale is designed to get you quality candidates as quickly as possible. We can conduct a kickoff call, begin candidate outreach, and have candidates for review within the first week.

Predictable & Affordable Cost

We charge a consistent monthly fee tailored to your growth plan, so you know exactly what your spend will be for technical hires. No more high-dollar costs per hire.

Boosted Talent Pipeline

We can either act as a full-stack recruiting team for consistent growth over time, or supplement your existing talent team during times of high growth.

What You Get With the Scale Recruiting Model

1) A Full Stack Recruitment Team

You will work with an experienced Account Manager who oversees a team of Recruiters and Coordinators that source and screen candidates based on your qualifications.

2) A Specialized Partner Who Understands Hiring Technical Talent

We screen over 500 Product, Engineering, and Data candidates each month. During our discovery call, we will determine how many candidates you need to interview to fulfill your hiring goals. Our team will build a strategy to get it done.

3) Guaranteed Qualified Candidates Every Month

Every engagement comes with a minimum guarantee of interviews with quality candidates each month. You define what a quality candidate is. A candidate does not count towards the minimum if they don’t meet your requirements. You pay the same whether you hire one candidate or all of them.

“Hatch became our talent partner by helping us shape our hiring profile and recognize our needs in hiring. We wanted to have diversity in our teams and were looking for high quality engineers. The hatch team was amazing at helping us find candidates that met our criteria across the board.”

Greg Mundy
Head of Engineering at Axle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scale?

When you’re building a software product, you often reach a point where your internal network dries up but you still need to consistently hire software engineers. Scale is hatch I.T.’s RPO model personalized for startups at this stage of growth.

If your team experiences rapid growth and needs to fill several open roles immediately, Scale is designed to not only provide an instant influx of qualified candidates but consistently deliver them over the course of a year. As your needs change throughout the engagement (they almost always do!) you can increase or decrease the volume of candidates your hiring team receives with a simple notice to your Account Manager.

What is RPO?

Our Scale Recruitment model is based on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

RPO is an advanced recruiting model for companies that aren’t willing to accept the slow pace and low-quality, unqualified hires provided by many traditional staffing firms.

Rather than the placement-only, one-and-done transactions of standard direct-to-hire recruiting models, an RPO is a longer-term partnership that takes care of everything, from setting up back-end processes like an Applicant Tracking System, to three-month check-ins. An RPO gives you the recruiting capabilities of the internal recruiting teams at Fortune 500s, at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it all yourself.

How is Scale personalized for startups?

High growth software startups have a unique set of needs compared to more established companies.

  • You typically don’t have a robust system for recruiting and onboarding employees yet, such as an ATS and candidate database.
  • You face uncertainty about budgeting when you’ll get your next round of funding, and how much it’ll be.
  • You have to get a lot more done, with a much smaller budget.
  • The choices you make and the people you hire will grow to define the company culture and product.
  • You have limited time, and employees are pulled in multiple directions, unable to specialize.
  • You often need to hire multiple candidates very quickly, and then sometimes might not need candidates for quite a while.

Scale solves these problems by taking care of all the backend work, so you can focus on running the show. Scale makes costs predictable and affordable, so you’re not explaining to your board why you unexpectedly spent 230,000 dollars to hire 3 engineers. By staying by your side and checking in weekly, we’re able to home in on culture-fit in a way that other recruiting options can’t.

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