Stride Case Studies

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Duration: 3 Months

Problem:The Founder (Lola Han) is a non-technical Founder who has relied on offshore development in Ukraine for the last 8 months to build out her MVP. She felt she was getting taken advantage of by the firm as development of an MVP dragged out. She felt a disconnect of her vision of her core product and what was being developed. She needed to bring on board a Key Engineering resource in order to land a substantial Seed round of funding.

Stride Solutions: hatch spent extensive time upfront gaining a deep understanding of the Founder, her product vision, and a deep dive into an active demo of what had been built to date. We deployed a technical executive resource as a stop-gap “CTO” to vet the offshore team to ensure they were actually doing what the Founder was asking of them. We placed “guard-rails” on the overall development (eg. Put in place code reviews that were not being done previously, got the Github repo in CultivatePeople’s name vs. the offshore dev’s name, etc.). We sourced and recruited the Head of Engineering for CultivatePeople, onboarded the resource, and transitioned all of our technical knowledge onto this resource, bringing him up to speed quicker with less ramp up time. We then transitioned to an advisory role until phase two is needed.

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