How do you market us to the local community?

There are 3 key ways we market you to the local community.

  1. Our recruiters are marketing you every time we reach out to a potential candidate. Candidates consistently tell us that we’re the best recruiters they’ve spoken with. They chose our partner companies in part because of their experience with us. Many recruiters spam candidates with irrelevant posts and try to hide important information, like who they’re recruiting for. We never send spam, and we never hide the info candidates need. Instead, we tell them about your product and company culture.
  2. We’re launching a community-centric tool, hatchpad, that software engineers, tech enthusiasts, and news channels use to find information about startups, tech events, and insights. We feature startups, products, and tech leadership teams.
  3. We partner with tech meetups, speakers, and event hosts throughout the DMV region to organize some of the area’s most popular events for software engineers. Our partners are able to present their products in front of hundreds of software engineers in the region.

“I really appreciate everything you’ve done.  That was by far the best recruiting experience I’ve had.  I will proudly wear your brand, and wish you and Hatch nothing but the best going forward!” – Dan, Gravy Analytics

“Working with your team has been great.  I’ve worked with several other teams over my career, but yours is really great.  I never felt like a number, and you guys were very responsive.  I hope I don’t have to look for another job for a while, but if any of my engineering friends decide to look for a change, I’ll definitely refer you to them!” – Michael, Gravy Analytics