How is Scale personalized for startups?

High growth software startups have a unique set of needs compared to more established companies.

  • You typically don’t have a robust system for recruiting and onboarding employees yet, such as an ATS and candidate database.
  • You face uncertainty about budgeting, when you’ll get your next round of funding, and how much it’ll be.
  • You have to get a lot more done, with a much smaller budget.
  • The choices you make and the people you hire will grow to define the company culture and product.
  • You have limited time, and employees are pulled in multiple directions, unable to specialize.
  • You often need to hire multiple candidates very quickly, and then sometimes might not need candidates for quite a while.

Scale solves these problems by taking care of all the backend work, so you can focus on running the show. Scale makes costs predictable and affordable, so you’re not explaining to your board why you unexpectedly spent 230,000 dollars to hire 3 engineers. By staying by your side and checking in weekly, we’re able to home in on culture-fit in a way that other recruiting options can’t.