How a Startup Can Instantly Become More Competitive

Salary is consistently reported as one of the top things developers look for when trying to switch jobs. Unfortunately, this is normally the one thing that early staged companies have the biggest trouble with being competitive on. We are constantly asked by our clients in the startup community, how can we separate ourselves from the field, so we decided to put together a list of some of the easiest options that will open up a startup to the most amount of developers.

  • Have some level of remote flexibility! 1/3 of all developers are working at least partially remote, offering just a day of telecommute can tap into this large pool right away.
  • Partner with 3rd party vendors: Most startups don’t have a recruiting infrastructure in place and considering less than 15% of developers are actively looking, not having a resource that is constantly branding your name in the developer community cuts you off from the largest pool of candidates.
  • Open up to candidates that don’t have a traditional CS degree: Over half of the engineers in the US do not come from a traditional education background. Have conversations with these people, you would be amazed at the skills these individuals can bring to the table.

 Just doing these three simple steps will drastically open up the market of candidates your organization will be able to get in front of!

Source: Stack Over Developer Survey Results 2016


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