DC Do-Good List 2020

Our first annual list of tech nonprofits and volunteer opportunities for software engineers, coders, and developers in the DC metro area. Are you a software engineer, coder, programmer, or developer in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) metro area interested in volunteering your time with a nonprofit organization in tech? Whether you’re interested in mentoring students, […]

How to engage your Meetup community (beyond people who show up to events)

For a year now, we’ve helped organize tech-focused Meetup groups in the D.C. metro area. Attendance has been continuously rising since we started, but we’ve seen a drop recently with the caution around COVID-19. Last October, we helped organize a DC Python Meetup that got 141 RSVPs. Our upcoming DC Python Meetup in March is […]

How to Screen Out a Bad Technical Recruiter – A Checklist

by: Deb Recruiters get a bad rap. I could see why the moment I entered the industry. Engineers have told me horror stories about everything: spam emails, cold calls, ghosting, lies, and even distributing resumes/applications without permission. I’ve heard it all. And I get it. But I love what I do and here’s why: I get to change that […]

How hatch is transforming the way startups and engineers connect across DC, Maryland & Virginia with Meetup.com

Sponsoring tech Meetup events is changing the way software startups connect with engineers. Generate Brand Awareness In 2011, serial entrepreneur Jeff White was looking for his next great idea. He’d already built and sold startups, including Blue Canopy and GovWin. He eventually decided on an event discovery platform and founded Gravy Analytics. The platform evolved […]

629  software engineers  told  us their top 5 priorities for their next job. (Spoiler alert: it’s not ping-pong and cold-brew)

Experienced software engineers and developers are in high demand. Many of them get daily messages from recruiters. Unscrupulous recruiters spam emails and LinkedIn accounts, call cell phones, and dump job posts into community forums and other places they aren’t wanted. Worse, many of these recruiters don’t seem to understand, or care, what software engineers are […]