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Tech Recruiting

Built by startup founders for progressive tech companies and small businesses.


We work exclusively with startups and small businesses building progressive tech. That means no wasting time with bad candidates – just guaranteed interviews, even for tough-to-fill positions. We’re not commission-based so we’ll never send a resume just to hit a quota.

We know the questions to ask to find those needle-in-a-haystack engineers, and we can provide expert guidance on compensation data and market trends.


We align with your timeline and budget, whether you need to backfill a tough role ASAP, scale up fast, or pause hiring.

Our Scale model gives you the predictable costs. Our clients typically save 30% over traditional contingency fees.


We work directly with hiring managers and tech leaders to eliminate time-consuming tasks and fit to your schedule. We integrate with your Slack, calendar, and ATS. We learn your culture, tech, and team dynamics. We handle jobs posts, prescreens, and coordination, leaving you free to pick from a steady pipeline of top candidates.

We’re local tech community. We organize some of the area’s biggest local events for programmers and run a popular tech community platform:

Rapid access to a fractional CTO to get your tech back on track. Technical Strategy Consulting from an experienced technical founder. Product Roadmapping. The same access to brand awareness building as our Scale clients.

hatch IT partners with local venture capital firms to maximize ROI by reducing recruiting costs for portfolio startups