Scale4Startups: The New Way of Recruiting

When you think of traditional staffing firms, what immediately comes to mind? Pesty recruiters who always have the “perfect” candidate or job? Spam emails? Slow and daunting processes? Honestly, we think many companies and job seekers shudder at the idea of working with a recruiting firm.

Recruiting firms not only have a bad rap with candidates but companies continually shy away from being connected with staffing firms. Why?

  • Traditional staffing firms play the numbers game – how many people a recruiter speaks to, how many resumes are sent to a client, how many people are hired, etc.
  • Candidates are viewed less as people than they are as sales goals.
  • Clients are looked at as bank accounts rather than an exciting company ready to scale. This means that unqualified candidates are pushed to hiring managers, there’s a detached partnership between company and recruiting vender and high contingency fees are considered the norm.

Looking at all of these problems our CEO and Founder, Tim Winkler, knew there had to be a better solution. Hatch I.T. was the beginning of the solution. After listening to both clients and candidates, Scale4Startups was born.


What is Scale4Startups?

Scale4Startups (S4S) is our model that fills a major gap as it relates to staffing for startups and emerging companies. It is a high-touch, sustainable model that offers affordable consistent pricing – allowing startups to grow their staff with a dedicated recruiting partner long-term. Based on the principals of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, S4S was created as a mean to better improve the candidate experience and client experience.

Let us break it down for you. It’s very simple.

  • It is a more efficient, scalable and cost-sensitive solution. With consistent fees you are able to budget and forecast long term. Read the [startup name] case study to see how S4S helped them grow and scale.
  • Companies have dedicated recruiting teams that are with you every step of the way while Hatch I.T. acts as an advocate as we market your company and brand as we recruit.

Scaling your startup should be smooth without the stress of long, drawn-out recruiting processes. With Scale4Startups we are more than a recruiter, we are your partner. We’d love to connect with you to answer any questions you may. You can reach us at or give us a call at 571-252-8124 to learn more.

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