Tech Talent Wanted: Discover 5 Thriving Software Innovators

In this article, we delve into the exciting realm of software innovation, highlighting five dynamic companies that are not only driving technological advancements but are also on the lookout for top-tier talent to join their ranks.

Whether you’re an experienced software engineer, a visionary product manager, or a data science guru, these companies offer a diverse array of opportunities to further your career and contribute to groundbreaking projects.

Ordered from smallest to largest in size, each one is poised for growth and looking for technical talent to join their growing team.

Reality Defender
REEA Global


Reality Defender

  • Location: Remote & Hybrid (Office in NYC)
  • Company Size: 25-50
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Funding: Series A, $15M

Hyper-realistic AI-generated content is now a turnkey weapon for scalable fraud. Reality Defender equips enterprises, governments, and platforms with tools to help protect against the AI threats of today and tomorrow.

The team at Reality Defender consists of diverse experts, scientists, and researchers, all working together behind a vital mission: to stop deepfakes and safeguard truth. They leverage the latest techniques in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies to pioneer industry-first defenses against disinformation, deception, and fraud. They were recently awarded “Most Innovative Startup” at the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox.

In this interview, CEO Ben Colman dives into the current world of deepfakes and deepfake detection, along with how Reality Defender is positioned in this space.

What’s their company culture like? At Reality Defender, the culture is deeply rooted in research, with a strong emphasis on championing individual pursuits. Each team member’s contributions are recognized and celebrated, often showcased at conferences and similar events.

Throughout the year, the company organizes off-site gatherings to foster camaraderie and strengthen team bonds. Reality Defender has deliberately built an environment based on mutual respect and the collective input of its members. The leadership team has drawn insights from previous roles, ensuring that the company’s culture aligns with the values and aspirations of everyone involved.

What career growth opportunities are available? Their company is closely integrated with conferences and events, actively spotlighting each team member’s achievements and contributions.

Employees at Reality Defender enjoy a high degree of autonomy in their work. They are trusted to leverage their specialized skills without the need for micromanagement. From the moment they join the team, individuals are hired based on their expertise and given full autonomy to execute their responsibilities. This culture of trust is not just a philosophy; it’s ingrained in the leadership’s belief in each team member’s capabilities.

Want to join the mission? Check out their open roles.




  • Location: Fully remote (optional coworking spaces in Pittsburgh and NYC)
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Funding: Series C, $207.5M 

Abridge was founded in 2018 with the vision of empowering more understanding in healthcare. They aim to help people feel taken care of by eliminating the need for burdensome clerical work, which affords clinicians the time and energy to connect with their patients. Abridge’s software captures details directly from recorded patient encounters and helps customers efficiently draft their clinical documentation within seconds. 

Powered by Linked Evidence, Abridge is the only company that maps AI-generated summaries to the source audio and transcript, helping providers quickly trust and verify the summary.

They were recently recognized on Forbes AI 50!

Learn more about the company’s history and product in this interview with CEO and Founder, Shiv Rao:

About the culture. The team at Abridge is fully remote, with optional coworking spaces available in Pittsburgh and New York that employees can utilize if they want. Employees are also given a stipend to set up a home office or join a coworking space.

Employees at Abridge take pride in working on something meaningful. They realize they are playing an active role in improving healthcare and patient outcomes, while getting the opportunity to work alongside top experts in the field.

Interested in joining the team? This company is well-positioned in the startup world, with top investors and funding. Their product solves a real need and they are gaining significant traction. It’s an exciting time to join the company! Explore their current opportunities



  • Location: Fully remote 
  • Company Size: 125-150
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Funding: Series C, $107.6M

Income and employment data is crucial to financial services but has historically been difficult to access—until Argyle.

Argyle unlocks real-time income and employment data through permissioned payroll connections, enabling greater automation, efficiency, and visibility.

They’ve become a trusted partner by leading companies from fintechs to the Fortune 500. 

Curious about the company’s founding story? Check out this interview with CEO Shmulik Fishman.

In 2023, Argyle was awarded a place on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Startup Employers and the Fintech Nexus Emerging Fintech Innovators award

An inside look at the culture. The team at Argyle is distributed across 20 different countries. As a result, they foster an asynchronous work environment without a 9-5 schedule. They’re passionate about flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance and expect team members to drive their own day-to-day work. While working remotely, they maintain transparency as everyone on the team collaborates through shared tools. 

Instead of rigid career ladders, Argyle rewards employees for carving out their own niche and specialties. The flat structure and transparency help create a constant growth mindset.

Sound interesting? They’re looking for fun, ambitious teammates to help them build the universal network for income and employment data. Check out their open roles


REEA Global: 

  • Location: Fully remote 
  • Company Size: 125-150
  • Year Founded: 2019

REEA Global specializes in custom software development driven by user experience research and analytics. With a team of over 140 professionals, they employ a data-driven approach to define, design, and build high-quality software solutions.

Their mission is clear: to develop exceptional custom software that effectively addresses the needs of their clients. Their emphasis on building a cohesive team reflects their commitment to transparency, scalability, and efficiency.

Regarding their project portfolio, REEA Global excels in developing a diverse range of solutions, but specializes in private equity-backed mid-market companies as clients, often building enterprise web applications, engaging in data considerations and analytics, system integrations, and UX Optimization. Check out the projects they’ve worked on

Learn more about their work from President and COO, Justin Shelby: 

Company Culture. REEA Global strives to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship, aiming to differentiate itself from traditional corporate structures. Their approach involves attracting professionals who are actively engaged in other ventures, believing that diverse experiences foster creativity, problem-solving abilities, and overall team performance.

“What we’ve tried to do is build a culture of entrepreneurs. We’re looking for creative problem solvers who come from a variety of backgrounds.” – Justin Shelby, President and COO

Future Growth Opportunities. 

Here are just a few value props that REEA Global offers:

  • A welcome place for senior-level technologists who want to leverage their experiences while maintaining the flexibility to work on other projects. 
  • An innovative compensation structure that provides project leaders with upside in each project as they scale. 
  • The ability to work 100% remote with a team of 140+ to back them up on project success. 

The leaders at REEA Global prioritize the professional development of their team members, offering avenues for advancement and continuous learning. New employees are groomed to transition into project management roles, reflecting the company’s commitment to internal talent development.

The company’s culture of continuous learning is reinforced through weekly stand-up meetings where resources for continuing education are shared. This proactive approach empowers team members to stay abreast of relevant industry trends and enhance their skillsets.

On top of that, REEA Global provides paid opportunities for continuing education, tailored to individual interests and career aspirations. 

Want to join the team? Check out their open roles



  • Location: Remote
  • Company Size: 150-200
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Funding: Series A, $12M

PortPro provides a full end-to-end transportation management system for the drayage community. Drayage refers to trucks that pick up and move shipping containers in and out of seaports and rail yards. 

Many drayage companies rely on outdated tech. PortPro aims to modernize the industry with better software for dispatch, driver tracking, and invoicing. PortPro’s software has a major impact on the supply chain industry, enabling trucking companies to utilize a modern, web-based system and run more efficiently. 

Several members of the founding team have a family history in the drayage business. This experience gave them a firsthand account of the inefficiencies and challenges in the industry, leading them to create PortPro. Also, today, many employees have direct drayage industry experience.

Learn more about the company in this interview with CEO, Michael Mecca.

About the culture. When an employee joins PortPro, they go through an in-depth onboarding process that trains them about the drayage industry and the work that the company is doing. 

Managers regularly check in with employees about career goals and constantly look for ways to promote employees from within. 

On top of that, the leadership at PortPro has intentionally built a transparent culture and hosts monthly company-wide meetings where they share goals and financial updates. 

Toni Ann Careccio, Chief Customer Officer and Board Member, shares that, “It’s special to be innovating at such a rapid speed with such an incredible team of people in an important industry. We’re incredibly intentional about what we’re building and who we bring onto the team.” 

What do employees have to say about being part of the team? 

“Leadership is always listening… they see your strengths and help push you toward them. I feel like the CEO really wants me to succeed. Having come from Amazon and Microsoft – I was super impressed. I feel needed…told that I am important to the company. Promoted to Senior Customer Success Manager.  It’s a very collaborative environment with all management.” – Victor Luna, Senior Customer Success Manager

“Being a team player and bringing positive energy are two of PortPro’s company values that make PortPro such a great place to work and why I enjoy working for PortPro. When I first started I was employee #6 and now we’ve grown to almost 200! Under Michael and Toni’s leadership they’ve fostered creativity, innovation, and demanded excellence from the ground up, and still, they continue to not only push themselves, but all of us to new heights. It feels great to be a part of something bigger than yourself and knowing that you’re part of a team of like-minded talented professionals who are changing the world!“ – Rachael Gonzalez, Head of Support 

Ready to join the team? Check out their open roles and apply



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