Scale4Startups: The New Way of Recruiting

When you think of traditional staffing firms, what immediately comes to mind? Pesty recruiters who always have the “perfect” candidate or job? Spam emails? Slow and daunting processes? Honestly, we think many companies and job seekers shudder at the idea of working with a recruiting firm. Recruiting firms not only have a bad rap with […]

Why VC Firms Trust hatch IT

It’s no secret folks, The D.C. Metro area continues to build a reputation as a hotbed for innovative startups. This innovation and growth could not be possible without the presence of strong venture activity over the last couple of years.  In a recent report from Pitchbook (source: National Venture Capital Association), the Washington metropolitan statistical area […]

How a Startup Can Instantly Become More Competitive

Salary is consistently reported as one of the top things developers look for when trying to switch jobs. Unfortunately, this is normally the one thing that early staged companies have the biggest trouble with being competitive on. We are constantly asked by our clients in the startup community, how can we separate ourselves from the […]

Key Cultural Attributes for Engineers in a Tech Start-Up

There are a number of attributes that are uniquely suited to startups, but it can often be tough for founders who are hiring to define what those are.  At hatch IT, we partner with engineering executives of tech startups in the ongoing battle to recruit the developer talent to build their products. Using an infographic, […]