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At first, building your team was fun. You found friends and connections who shared your vision and wanted to bring the product to life. 

Now it’s a time-suck. 

Sifting through bad resumes that aren’t a fit. Engaging staffing agencies that don’t know the difference between a Java Developer and a JavaScript Engineer.

Simply put, sourcing and screening skilled developers is not why you started your business.

So why are you still doing it?

Traditional staffing hasn’t adapted to the needs of startups.

After 10 years of hearing the same old song and dance from Founders & C-Suite about how staffing sucks, we were determined to flip this age-old industry on it’s head. 

Here’s how hatch I.T. is different.

🔍 Finding the Right Candidates

Staffing agencies hide who their client is because they’re scared of losing their fees if a candidate directly applies.

That secrecy leads to candidates who are sold on the position, but not your company. They might change their mind as they learn more about the culture and product.

At hatch I.T., we act as an extension of your company and brand. We take a recruitment marketing approach with full transparency of your vision, culture, product, and team from the first outreach. 

We only send candidates who believe in your mission, are a good culture fit, and want to stay at your company long-term.

💲 Pricing

We know how important predictability is when it comes to budgeting as a startup. 

The expensive fees offered by most agencies are contingent on hiring. That means you only pay when someone is brought on board. But that also means you can have months where you need to pay multiple contingency fees of 10-30% of an engineer’s annual salary. 

We offer flexible and predictable pricing options. You’ll be able to tell your investors exactly how much it’ll cost to grow your product, data, and engineering teams.

🧠 Industry Knowledge

Most agencies support all areas of a business (finance, tech, marketing, legal, etc.) and claim to be experts in all of them.

We’re a specialty firm. We only focus on engineering, product, and data specific openings.

Kubernetes, Go, Rust, Vue.JS.

We know the technologies startups are building with.

That also means we won’t abandon a search just because it’s difficult to find someone who can pass your technical evaluation.

🧩 Culture Fit

Finding team members who will be successful at a startup is very different from staffing for a Fortune 500.

We’re a startup. Hatch I.T. formed out of a garage, grew up in a WeWork, and currently runs in an intimate office (partially remote).

We understand how to attract talent to your startup beyond a high salary. (Things like remote work, innovative technologies, and autonomy.)

That’s why we created hatch I.T.

In true startup fashion, our roots can be traced to a garage in Leesburg, VA in 2013.

While working with local startups, our Founder & CEO, Tim Winkler, realized that traditional staffing models didn’t align with the growth needs of startups. Working with those firms felt transactional, and the costs were way outside a startup’s budget.

There was a need for a solution that was relational, community-driven, and flexibly priced.

With this in mind, hatch I.T. was formed along with customized models that transform the way early-stage and high-growth startups scale.

Fast forward to today, hatch I.T. has developed a roadmap of solutions to guide startups from MVP through all stages of growth. After proving this model with dozens of startups across D.C., Maryland, & Virginia, we realized it was needed in all emerging startup markets.

The Roadmap: Hiring solutions tailored for Startups

Scale: Our flagship recruiting program designed for today’s progressive startup. Whether you have no recruiting infrastructure, or just a small recruiting team, this monthly subscription model will leave you equipped with a dedicated recruiting team, boosting your brand while filling your tech positions with ease. 

Stride: A unique program that combines product leadership consulting with recruitment expertise. Whether you’re a startup Founder who’s missing a technical leader, or executing your MVP has stalled, this tailored solution will help you deliver on your product vision.

Contract-To-Hire:  Feeling uneasy about hiring internally immediately? Let hatch I.T. employ the engineer while you feel out their tech chops and culture fit. We deploy consulting engineers for as short as 3 months and as long as 12 months. If the consulting period is a success, you have the option to hire them direct when the time is right. 

Contingency Recruiting: Just need support on one or two positions? Engage hatch I.T. on a contingency search and pay nothing upfront. Simply pay a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary upon hire.

The Core Values That Drive Us


We determine our destiny

Code Savvy

We understand software engineering

Community Driven

We give back to the startup community

Meet The Team

Tim Winkler

Tim Winkler

Founder & CEO

Kevin Judge

Kevin Judge

VP of Software Recruiting

Amanda Gittleson

Amanda Gittleson

Operations and HR Manager

Aswin John

Aswin John

Community Engagement Specialist

Bolling Cranford

Bolling Cranford

Technical Recruiter

Deborah Darcis

Deborah Darcis

Engineering Talent Director

Jenny Pulver

Jenny Pulver

Recruiting and Operations Specialist

Lauren Alexander

Lauren Alexander

Community Engagement Specialist

Sarah Sewell

Sarah Sewell

Senior Software Recruiter

Our Advisors

Jason Minnic

Jason Minnic

Chief Technology Officer | Cyber Threat Alliance

Namrata Maguire

Namrata Maguire

Founder & CEO | CFO ONBOARD®

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