We’ll build your team so you can build your product.

Traditional staffing hasn’t evolved to serve the hiring needs of startups. Scale makes hiring predictable and affordable.

Scale is the modern recruiting model for today’s progressive startup.

It’s like having an internal recruiting department in your back pocket that you can turn on and turn off as needed.

Through a monthly subscription, you’ll get a dedicated coordinator, account manager, and team of recruiters to take over the core pieces of recruitment – from sourcing and interviews to salary negotiations and onboarding.


What You’ll Get From Our Scale Recruiting Service

Your entire recruitment process outsourced, start to finish

Benefit: We prioritize candidate experience, and know how important a quality process plays into this experience. Think of us as an extension of your recruiting team.


A relational partner that integrates with your messaging systems and applicant tracking tools

Benefit: We’ll always be on the same page with hiring priorities, candidate feedback, and timely scheduling.


High quality candidates that fit your technical wish list and align with your startup culture

Benefit: Per our diversity and inclusion strategy, you’ll receive the best candidates from an array of cultural backgrounds for review vs. an overflow of resumes that don’t meet your needs and bog down your hiring manager’s time.


Guaranteed interviews every month resulting in consistent hires

Benefit: We’re accountable to fill positions. Unlike traditional recruiting services, we can’t pick and choose easy hires or abandon a search. You receive a dedicated pipeline of prequalified candidates every month.


Customized content & brand promotion

Benefit: We’ll have in-depth discussions with your technical leadership, which results in great promotional content. We share these stories with candidates first-hand, providing a connection to your company culture.


Visibility in your local tech community

Benefit: You become a featured company on our engineering community site hatchpad, connecting your brand with relevant tech events, diversity partners, coding schools, and university engineering programs in your local area.


Scale Makes Hiring Easier for Startups

IronNet Cybersecurity

Hatch does an amazing job recruiting for our company! They bring us the most qualified talent and have vetted each candidate above and beyond. It has given back so much HR time to my staff and we know we can trust hatch to find us the best engineers!

– Melissa, Chief People Officer at Ironnet

Finding talented engineers can be difficult, but hatch IT made the process considerably easier. Each candidate that came through Hatch IT had the skills needed to excel and a strong interest in our company mission. At every step of the way, hatch’s expertise was an invaluable asset.

– David Cain, Director of Application Development for Aledade

IronNet Cybersecurity

Hatch IT and its Scale model is the way to go if you want a committed & knowledgeable team acting like an in-house recruiting resource for your company. We found great new employees and saved time and money compared to traditional transaction-based recruiting firms.

– Matt Jacobson, CFO of Gravy Analytics

ROI and Pricing

Here is why we believe startups will benefit by choosing Scale as their recruiting solution:

1. Predictable Pricing: Know exactly what your recruiting spend will be for all your technical hires. No more sporadic high-dollar fees or hidden costs. We charge a consistent monthly fee tailored to your growth plan.

2. Less Expensive: Our rates are proven to be substantially (30-40%) cheaper than traditional contingency fees on a cost-per-hire basis.

3. Talent Retention: We know one of the biggest fears of hiring managers is paying for recruiting only to have your new hire not pan out. Our talent retention stats are 99% in the first 90 days, and 95% after one year. Rest assured, our model is designed with talent retention as the top priority.

4. Shorter Hiring Cycles: Our model is designed to get you quality candidates as quickly as possible. We can conduct a kickoff call, begin candidate outreach, and have candidates for review within the first week.

5. More Flexibility: Depending on your needs, we offer varying contract lengths and pricing. We know things can change quickly, so we offer the ability to temporarily pause your contract. If we don’t meet our deliverables, you can cancel with just 30 days notice.

 All plans include:

Guaranteed Interviews

Weekly Status Calls

Interview Coordination & Scheduling

Dedicated Recruiter, Coordinator, & Account Manager


Integration with Internal Communication System  (Slack, Teams, etc)

Market Intelligence Report

Premium placement as a local leader on the hatchpad community

If Scale is not for you, we also offer other recruiting options.

Scale Packages


Best for companies with fluctuating hiring needs.

The Startup Plan is a no-contract monthly retainer with a low fee per hire.


Best for companies looking to grow their team by 1-3 engineers a month.

The Growth Plan is monthly retainer with a 6 month minimum contract. There are no additional fees per hire.


Let’s talk.

We’ll craft a solution tailored to your budget and hiring needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an advanced recruiting model for companies that aren’t willing to accept the slow pace and low-quality, unqualified hires provided by many traditional staffing firms. Rather than the placement-only, one-and-done transactions of standard direct-to-hire recruiting models, an RPO is a longer-term partnership that takes care of everything, from setting up back-end processes like an Applicant Tracking System, to three-month check-ins. An RPO gives you the recruiting capabilities of the internal recruiting teams at Fortune 500s, at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it all yourself.

What is Scale?

When you’re building a software product, you often reach a point where you need to hire software engineers regularly over the course of several months or even years. Scale is hatch I.T.’s RPO model personalized to startups at this stage of growth.

Scale helps you grow your engineering team just like having a team of internal recruiters, but without the cost and commitment. You can increase or decrease the number of candidates we send each week. If your team experiences rapid growth and needs to fill several of roles immediately, we can instantly increase the number of candidates we send. Once those roles are filled, you can instantly reduce the number of candidates we send back down.

How is Scale personalized for startups?

High growth software startups have a unique set of needs compared to more established companies.

  • You typically don’t have a robust system for recruiting and onboarding employees yet, such as an ATS and candidate database.
  • You face uncertainty about budgeting when you’ll get your next round of funding, and how much it’ll be.
  • You have to get a lot more done, with a much smaller budget.
  • The choices you make and the people you hire will grow to define the company culture and product.
  • You have limited time, and employees are pulled in multiple directions, unable to specialize.
  • You often need to hire multiple candidates very quickly, and then sometimes might not need candidates for quite a while.

Scale solves these problems by taking care of all the backend work, so you can focus on running the show. Scale makes costs predictable and affordable, so you’re not explaining to your board why you unexpectedly spent 230,000 dollars to hire 3 engineers. By staying by your side and checking in weekly, we’re able to home in on culture-fit in a way that other recruiting options can’t.

What does Scale get you?

Scale is more than just a recruiting model. Yes, you get a continuous pipeline of pre-vetted, quality candidates, but you also get much more: advanced market analytics and market feedback, backend processes, constant brand marketing, talent assessments, employee check-ins, community and event marketing, active community engagement, salary insights, and retention analytics, to name a few.

What do I keep after our engagement ends?

You’ll get candidates, an applicant tracking system, backend processes, job descriptions, and anything else you need. Once the relationship is over, you get to keep everything.

What kind of data and feedback do I get?

hatch I.T. is tapped into the local startup and software engineering community, and we’re very data-driven. We’ll be able to let you know what salaries candidates will be looking for, what the community thinks of your company and product, and even where to locate your next satellite office. With the data we provide, you’ll be able to make key decisions about salary offers, benefits, technology, and marketing.

How will you market us to the local tech community?

There are 3 key ways we market you to the local community.

  1. Our recruiters are marketing you every time we reach out to a potential candidate. Candidates consistently tell us that we’re the best recruiters they’ve spoken with. They chose our partner companies in part because of their experience with us. Many recruiters spam candidates with irrelevant posts and try to hide important information, like who they’re recruiting for. We never send spam, and we never hide the info candidates need. Instead, we tell them about your product and company culture.
  2. Our technology community, hatchpad is where software engineers, tech enthusiasts, and news channels use to find information about startups, tech events, and insights. We feature startups, products, and tech leadership teams.
  3. We partner with tech meetups, speakers, and event hosts throughout your local region to organize some of the area’s most popular events for software engineers. Our partners are able to present their products in front of hundreds of software engineers in the region.

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