With Recruiting, One Size Does Not Fit All

Our solutions are tailored to the staffing needs and budgets of startups at their current stage of growth.


Hire your data, product, and engineering teams for a predictable monthly rate.


Low cost contingency fees on top of a low monthly retainer.


Find someone to fix a short term problem. Convert to full-time if you’re happy.


No upfront costs. Just pay a percentage of your new team member’s first-year salary.

Solutions for Every Stage of
Your Startup’s Growth

Early Stage

Headcount: Less than 10 employees
Product Phase: Building your MVP and finding Product Market Fit
Funding: Anything Pre Series A
Hiring Needs: You have light hiring needs with a tight budget. Plus you need to be able to turn recruiting on or off quickly.

You’ve built the current team through your internal network. You might only be able to afford a few job postings, but then you have to weed through resume hell.

Solution: Contract-To-Hire, Scale (Low Tier)

Series-A Stage

Headcount: ~ 10 – 30 employees
Product Phase: Working Product, Proven Product ROI
Funding: Series A
Hiring Needs: You have multiple hiring needs now. However growth will be intermittent throughout the year.

You’re still relying on your internal network to hire. No internal recruiting/people team exists yet. Leadership is spending too much time fielding applicants that aren’t a good fit. You’ve tried a vendor or two and either had limited success or you broke the bank on one or two hires.

Solution: Scale (Low/Mid Tier)

Growth Stage

Headcount: ~ More than 30 employees
Product Phase: Product Expansion, Scale
Funding: Anything Post Series A
Hiring Needs: You have multiple needs that will need consistent support throughout the year (a pause or two may be needed along the way).

You might have an internal recruiter or people leader. You’re relying on agencies for your hard-to-fill openings. High growth is not sustainable with continued staffing fees. Diversity & culture-fit are more of a priority now.

Solution: Scale (Mid/High Tier)

Customized Solutions For Your Business


Our flagship recruiting program designed for today’s progressive startup. Whether you have no recruiting infrastructure, or just a small recruiting team, this monthly subscription model will leave you equipped with a dedicated recruiting team, boosting your brand while filling your tech positions with ease.


Feeling uneasy about hiring internally immediately? Let hatch I.T. employ the engineer while you feel out their tech chops and culture fit.

We deploy consulting engineers for as short as 3 months and as long as 12 months. If the consulting period is a success, you have the option to hire them direct when the time is right.

Contingency Hiring

Just need support on one or two positions? Engage hatch I.T. on a contingency search and pay nothing upfront. Simply pay a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary upon hire.

Let's Discuss Your Hiring Needs

Build a custom hiring solution to grow your product, data, and engineering teams.