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Frequently Asked Questions

What resources/tools/technology do you use to source talent?

We’ve curated our own proprietary database of pre-engaged local talent, which we continue to build on day after day. We’ve also invested heavily in sourcing technologies like predictive AI and premium recruiting subscriptions to LinkedIn.

How do we keep our in-house recruiters from pinging the same people as hatch IT?

If you have an internal recruiting team, we’ll integrate with your systems to make sure we’re all on the same page. We also connect regularly with your team to recalibrate and share feedback.

What is the average cost per hire?

Our Scale program offers custom pricing based on the scope of work. Direct Hire is traditionally 20%-25% of a candidate’s first year base salary.

How does hatch IT's billing structure work?

hatch IT’s billing structure depends on which service you choose, but all our consulting and talent support models are intended to be predictable, cost-aware, and under your control. Scale clients are billed on either a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Our direct-to-hire model is contingent upon hire, and payment is made when and only when a hire is made. Contract and Contract-To-Hire are traditionally billed bi-weekly.

What services/talent support models does hatch IT offer?

hatch IT offers four products tailored to software startups in emerging markets.

They are:

  1. Scale, our flagship service model, based on the principles of recruitment process outsourcing and tailored for high-growth software startups.
  2. Direct-to-hire recruiting services: Need a product engineer fast? We send you pre-vetted candidates, you only pay when you hire one.
  3. Contract or Contract-to-hire recruiting services: Have a short-term vacancy? We hire the employee, and even cover the benefits and payroll.
What kind of turnover do you have? Can I expect to work with the same time each time I use your service?

Getting to know your team and culture is a big part of our process. When you work with hatch IT, you get a dedicated account manager, coordinator, and recruiting team. We experience almost no turnover, so you can expect the same relationship with us that you’d have with an internal recruiting team down the hall.

Describe your team - who will I be working with?

Our recruiters aren’t working on commission, so they’re able to focus on getting you the right candidate, not just any candidate. Founded in a garage outside Leesburg, we have a startup mentality and a low turnover rate. Our recruiters are also highly specialized. They understand how to talk about software, and what startups look for.

Do you use our tools or yours?

We use both. If you have an applicant tracking system (ATS) you’d like us to work within we can do so. If you don’t have an ATS we can stand one up for you. We like to integrate with whatever messaging platform you use (eg. Slack) for quick communication and feedback.

How fast can you send us candidates?

Once we have qualified the positions, we can deliver qualified candidates within 48-72 hours.

Is there a guarantee period for placements/hires?

We can never guarantee hires (that’s because part of the responsibility to hire rest with “you”, the customer). That said, what we can guarantee is delivery of quality candidates and interviews, which should result in great hires.

In what industries does hatch IT specialize?

We focus exclusively in areas of software development, product & product management, data science & data engineering, and dev-ops. We partner with early-stage and high-growth product startups.

Can we establish KPIs to which we can hold your team accountable?

Yes. You tell us how many candidates you need, and what you’re looking for. We’re not just a recruiting firm. We aim to be a back-pocket, down-the-hall resource.

What does your placement talent retention history look like?

Software engineering is a high-turnover field, especially for startups. Engineers often spend only a few months to a couple years at a single company. However, hatch IT-sourced engineers are the exception. To date, we’ve never had a placement leave within the first 90 days, and though we’ve been in the business for years, our all-time retention rate is 95 percent – significantly better than average.