Breaking Down Startup Equity – Tips for Employees and Founders | The Pair Program Ep11

Jun 28, 2022

Join us for a discussion about startup equity – from the perspective of employees and founders.

In this episode, our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to startup leaders Nate Jones and Ryan McQueeney. Nate Jones got his start in tech maintaining (and breaking) Oracle ecom databases. He went on from there to found his own company (coffee and coffee gear) before moving to Amazon and then Drift. Most recently, Nate has joined Palolo, where he stays busy building a bank that makes life easier for employees. Ryan McQueeney is a CFO with specific expertise in startup and venture-backed business. Currently, Ryan serves as the managing principal of MCQ Advisory, LLC, a management consulting firm focusing on finance and operations.

Nate and Ryan have each developed a deep understanding of startup equity (on both ends of the negotiating table) and are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned!

They discuss:

  • What is startup equity?
  • Tips for job seekers: How to gauge a company’s health and better understand what to expect from your equity offerings.
  • Tips for startup leaders: How much equity should you give early-stage employees and how to leverage equity when building a dedicated team.


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