Getting Layered at a Startup: How to Tactfully Navigate Through This Stage of Growth | The Pair Program Ep10

Jun 14, 2022

Join us for a discussion about getting layered– when leadership adds a new role between you and your current boss and fills the role externally (instead of promoting from within).

In this episode, our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to startup leaders Kim Merino and Sean McBride. Kim is a self-taught software engineering manager from Los Angeles, where she currently leads the Growth Front End team at Netlify. She thoroughly enjoys helping her team grow in their careers and mentoring women in tech. Sean heads up engineering at a healthcare startup, Wellty. Prior to this role, he worked for over 12 years in corporate and philanthropic backed startups. During this period he has been layered, brought in layers, and was recently brought in as a layer as a Director of Engineering.

They discuss:

  • Tips for Individual Contributors (How to tactfully move forward after getting layered, transition to a new manager, and advocate for your own growth)
  • Best practices for technical leaders (How to get buy-in from the people who are getting layered & ensure your team feels confident about their future at the company)
  • Guidance for the new manager (How to respectfully step into your position and build trust with your new team)


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