How We Hatched: Chris White, CTO of Prefect

Aug 23, 2022

Welcome to the second episode of our series called “How We Hatched” where we have candid conversations with tech founders and unveil their unique startup journeys.

In this episode, our host Tim Winkler speaks with Chris White, the CTO of data startup, Prefect.

As the first hire at Prefect, Chris has had a front row seat as the company has grown to 80+ employees. He takes us along an inspiring account of Prefect’s founding, how he joined, and how they intentionally built a strong culture for future employees.

He shares about:

  • The company’s vision for growth and how they scaled from the first 2 employees to the first 10 (and on)
  • The 4 standards that all Prefect engineers commit to
  • How Prefect built a culture where 90% of applicants accept their job offers 

And much more!


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