Managing Up: How Startup Tech Leaders Empower Their Teams | The Pair Program Ep15

Sep 6, 2022

Join us as our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to David Jorjani and Anand Safi. David leads product (and technology) at Sayge, a learning and development startup that aspires to empower millions of professionals to reach their full potential. David also teaches at the University of Toronto. Empowering people and teams has been a key thread in David’s professional life. Anand is the Director of Engineering at Mark43 overseeing a Product Engineering Division. Anand has over a decade of experience in various technical roles and is a distinguished industry mentor, board member for two non-profits, and an avid believer in DEI and team culture.

In this episode we discuss how technical leaders can empower their teams, encourage autonomy, and build a culture of “managing up.”

You’ll learn:

  • What it means to be a leader who empowers their team
  • How to establish trust between employees and leadership
  • How to strike the balance between giving your team autonomy, while maintaining accountability
  • Tips on how to transition the responsibility of decision making to your employees

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