Minisode: Hatch Roles – Smerf

Feb 20, 2023

Welcome to Hatch Roles a new podcast minisode from the team at hatchpad. In these new minisodes, we will highlight some of the roles that hatch is currently sourcing for.

Today we will be talking about Smerf. Smerf is using cutting-edge technology to build a platform that unites gaming communities of all kinds.

Smerf is building out its engineering team and they’re looking for Lead Engineers, as well as Mid/Sr Engineers, to join their small but quickly growing team. 

As a very early engineering hire, you’ll have the opportunity to own the delivery of major features and really make an impact. Joining the team at SMERF means you’ll get the chance to develop component-based user interfaces in React Native and build seamlessly integrated features with AAA game and platform APIs. Gaming experience is not required – just a passion for it!


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