No CS Degree? No Problem: Why More Startups Are Hiring Coding Bootcamp Grads | The Pair Program Ep03

Feb 22, 2022

Join our hosts, Tim and Mike, as they talk to startup engineering leaders Geoff Harcourt and Mitch Pirtle. Geoff is the CTO at CommonLit, a non-profit that distributes a literacy curriculum in English and Spanish to millions of students around the world. He currently leads an engineering team with zero C.S. majors. Mitch is the CTO at InsurTech startup, HOMEE, and comes from a career of starting companies and open-source projects. He has built the engineering departments at several high growth startups, including Morning Consult. In this episode we discuss hiring out of coding bootcamps versus more traditional academic backgrounds.  

You’ll learn: 

– The reasons coding bootcamp grads shouldn’t be overlooked. 

– Practical tips on how to interview and onboard bootcamp grads. 

– How startups can create an environment for bootcampers to succeed. 

– Alternative academic options (beyond bootcamps and CS degrees)  

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