The Keys to Scaling a Product Team from Seed to Series A (and beyond) | The Pair Program Ep09

May 31, 2022

Join us as our hosts, Tim and Mike, talk to startup leaders Anne Neilsen and Rajesh Nerlikar. Anne is the Executive Director of Product Management at cybersecurity startup JupiterOne. Throughout her career, she has developed a specialty in the security space working in both product strategy and marketing at various companies (including Veracode, IANS, and Rapid7). Rajesh is a Co-Founder and Principal Product Advisor at Prodify and co-author of the bestselling product book, Build What Matters. Over the past 4 years, he’s advised and coached nearly 40 companies on product strategy and team development, from startup founders to growth stage product executives. 

In this episode we discuss how startups can successfully build their product teams through the various stages of a startup’s growth. 

You’ll learn:

  • Advice on how a product team should change and mature over a startup’s lifetime.
  • When startup leadership should prioritize scaling the product department.
  • Tips for hiring a startup’s first product manager.
  • Advice for professionals who want to step into product management.


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