15 Innovative Software Startups on the Hunt for Tech Talent

Ready to level up your tech career? You’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the tech landscape to bring you the lowdown on 15 software startups that are ready to hire strong tech professionals. 

We’re talking groundbreaking projects, dynamic teams, and a chance to put your mark on the future of tech. 

In order from smallest to largest in size, we shed light on what makes them tick, where they’re headed, and most importantly, the roles they’re itching to fill.

Let’s jump in. 

  1. Sanlo
  2. Cloud Campaign
  3. Meroxa
  4. Pocus
  5. TestFit
  6. Finch
  7. Grata
  8. TrustCloud
  9. Clarifai
  10. Collective[i]
  11. Lexion
  12. Shibumi
  13. KODE Labs
  14. Protenus
  15. Ascend.io



  • Work Policy: Fully Remote
  • Company Size: 10-25
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Funding: Series A, $10M
  • Tech Stack: Google Cloud Platform, Java, Springboot, Node, Javascript, React/Redux, SQL

What problem are they solving? This team is on a mission to help gaming companies achieve success by providing them with powerful and easy finance tools.

The vast majority of technology and software in the gaming industry is focused on the development side of games, i.e. building the game. But there’s a huge void when it comes to technology and SaaS on the business side of gaming, which means games studios struggle to manage their business and finances. They have to cobble together a bunch of dashboards and Excel sheets, hire multiple people, and spend a ton of time completing tasks that should be simple.

Sanlo’s tool helps gaming companies manage their finances, forecast the future based on their metrics, and access cash when needed while being part of a supportive community – all in one place.

Learn more about the product in this interview with Olya Caliujnaia, Co-founder and CEO

What’s the team culture like? Sanlo’s culture is defined by the following principles:

  • Always growing. We’re on this journey together; we suspend our egos and share feedback with respect and collaboration. We encourage asking questions and know that together, we’ll figure things out; we trust that a rate of improvement has compounding results. 
  • Spirit of a champion. We have a bias to action and move with urgency. We rise to the occasion. 
  • Ownership. Each of us is building the future of finance for the incredible community of game and app creators. We take pride in our work and go the extra mile, delivering exceptional results with humility and integrity that excites us. 
  • Embracing change. We work in a rapidly changing world, so we think our core job is to learn and enjoy the journey. 
  • Authenticity. We aim to be ourselves and be respectful to others, and believe those aren’t mutually exclusive. 
  • Community. We care about and make friends with the people we work with, building genuine, lasting connections. Creating a culture filled with joy and togetherness is important to us, and we encourage finding ways to cultivate connection.

This company values always-on honest communication. There are no closed-door meetings. And there are no politics. 

Here’s what their employees are saying about being part of the team: 

“What I like the most about Sanlo is the combination of challenging technical adventures and a wonderful culture. Being able to work in a place where people trust each other while delivering a great product is really great.” 

”What I love about working here is the people. Everyone does their best to get things done. We make our maximum effort. And there is a lot of teamwork. Also, our CTO is very open-minded and collaborative.” 

”I love that I get to have a lot of direct contact with our customers, as well as working closely with Sales, to really understand customer pain-points and what we should focus on for our products. The team is great at moving quickly and adapting to changing priorities, which is crucial as we’re building and iterating 0-1 rapidly.”

Want to join? Take a look at their open roles and apply!   


Cloud Campaign

  • Work Policy: Fully Remote or Hybrid (Offices in Boulder and Portland).
  • Company Size: 25-50
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Funding: Series A, $5M
  • Tech Stack: Java Springboot (Backend), React (Frontend), Microservice architecture, Hosted in AWS and using a number of AWS technologies (SQS, ECS, DynamoDB, RDS, etc…)

What problem are they solving? Cloud Campaign is democratizing starting, running, and growing a marketing agency. The beachhead solution is a software product that helps agency owners scale social media management so they can increase the number of clients they manage and charge a higher retainer with a leaner team.

The company has seen success by empowering top agencies to quadruple the number of clients they manage by adopting Cloud Campaign. The product is now used by nearly 2,000 marketing agencies to manage 30,000 brands globally.

Hear from Co-founder and CEO, Ryan Born, about the impact they’re making: 

What are the career growth opportunities for technical team members?

Technical team members have three distinct growth opportunities within the company: 

  1. Those interested in staying in a technical role have the opportunity to hone their skills and focus on a specialty to become a lead, staff, or chief engineer. 
  2. Team members interested in people management have an equally as exciting and rewarding opportunity to “lead from the side” as a more experienced engineer or take on a full people management role as an engineering manager. 
  3. Engineers interested in moving out of software development are encouraged to explore other opportunities within the company such as Product Management, Product Design, or Customer Success.

What’s the culture like? 

Being a hybrid company, we work hard to ensure an inclusive and collaborative company culture. It starts with our core values (that we closely look for when hiring) and is reinforced through company events.” – Ryan Born, Co-founder and CEO

Here are their core values: Maintain a Leader’s Mindset, Default to Transparency, Provide an Amazing Experience, One Team; One Mission, and Balance over Burnout (lovely referred to as “BOB”).

They’ve built and continue to refine processes, standards for working, and team events that reinforce these values. Just a few examples include: half-day Fridays (Balance over Burnout), weekly All Hands where everyone has a voice (One Team; One Mission), annual company retreats, weekly transparency reports with all key business metrics (Default to Transparency), and much more!

Sound exciting? Check out their open roles and apply!



  • Work Policy: 100% remote (Founded in San Francisco, CA)
  • Company Size: 25-50
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Funding: Series A, $15M

What’s the mission? The team at Meroxa is on a mission to empower individuals to utilize real-time data, regardless of their technical abilities. They achieve this by assisting data-centric engineers in streamlining data movement and pipeline management. Meroxa’s platform equips them with the necessary tools to effortlessly ingest, transform, and direct data from various sources to multiple destinations. This enables users to leverage real-time data and enhance their applications dynamically, resulting in immersive customer experiences. With easy integration across any premise, their cloud-agnostic and customizable platform caters to customer’s specific needs.

Hear from DeVaris Brown (CEO) and get an inside look at the company in this interview: 

How do they prioritize diversity in the workplace? Diversity is not just a priority; it is a fundamental part of the team’s identity at Meroxa. It’s deeply ingrained in their culture and forms their DNA. Within the leadership team, 86% of members come from underrepresented communities. Additionally, 38% of their employees are women, 55% are people of color, and 27% are based outside of the United States. When asked about their competitive advantage, the team is always mentioned. 

Their goal is to empower organizations by breaking down data silos, enabling better decision-making, and building real-time applications that bring value to the world. And they realize that achieving this goal would be impossible with a homogenous team.

Why do technical employees love to work there? The work at Meroxa is challenging, but their leadership is knowledgeable and skilled to help people grow technically. 

“We provide our engineers with the autonomy to choose what they work on. We encourage our engineers to execute and take risks. More importantly, we have a no-asshole culture, so engineers feel safe to take risks knowing that the criticism is coming from a place of improvement vs. bravado.” – Tiffany Miller, VP of Marketing

Ready to join their mission? Explore their current opportunities



  • Work Policy: Remote or Hybrid (Office in NYC)
  • Company Size: 25-50
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Funding: Series A, $23M

About the company. Pocus’ Revenue Data Platform combines product usage and customer data to help their customers get a 360° view of their best opportunities. The company’s mission is to transform how GoToMarket teams use data to drive revenue. 

Learn more about the company’s backstory in this interview with CEO, Alexa Grabell:

What’s the team culture like? 

“Here at Pocus, we very much live and breathe our values. They’re a huge aspect of our culture and are something we truly abide by.” – Brent Westbrook, Head of Business Operations 

The Core Values:

  • We Shiperate: We ship and iterate quickly. We act with a sense of urgency and value short-cycle times over perfectionism, honoring our mistakes because they help us grow.
  • We own our work: Our employees are quickly given ownership over areas of the product. While we’re collaborative, we also expect employees to feel a deep sense of ownership for the work they do. 
  • We give our customers superpowers: Before our founders wrote a single line of code, they spoke with 150+ leaders across different product-led growth companies… just to understand their problems. That’s become a core part of the DNA. Every team member at Pocus interacts with customers. We’re a feedback-obsessed and customer-obsessed team.
  • They create magic for the team. Our team consists of humble overachievers. We know how to work very hard, but are also down to earth and have a really good time.

How do they encourage professional growth for employees? Both the CTO and Head of Engineering dedicate time to working alongside the engineers, helping them solve problems and also ensuring they’re growing professionally. 

Pocus has also built a culture where engineers are comfortable giving something a shot, even if they make mistakes. They’ve truly adopted the mantra, “Move quickly and break things.”

Want to join the team? Check out their open roles



  • Work Policy: Remote (Office in Dallas, TX)
  • Company Size: 25-50
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Funding: Series A, $20M
  • Tech Stack: C, TypeScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

What problem are they solving? Real estate development is risky and complicated. The team at TestFit is on a mission to make it easier with less risk. Their real estate feasibility platform helps realize the full potential of land through trusted automation.

This platform is revolutionizing the way Real Estate Developers and Architects work, allowing them to bid and build faster.

Learn more about the product: 

About the culture. The team at TestFit is fully remote and has been since before the pandemic. They have a small office in Dallas, Texas where the founders are based. 

This company offers some amazing employee perks, including: 

  • WeWork Passes: For those who are not close to the Dallas office, they offer flexible arrangements to help employees get out of the house if they would like the opportunity. 
  • Wellness Spending Accounts: These accounts can be used for any mental or wellness services. From gym memberships to meeting with a therapist, they want to ensure the well-being of their employees.
  • Camp TestFit: Every year, the company hosts a retreat for their employees. This is an intentional time for everyone to get to know each other and strengthen the team bond. 

Get to know their culture: 

Why do engineers love to be part of the team? The engineering department is split into two teams: the Desktop Application Team and the Web Team. 

This is a lean, fast-moving team. Engineers at TestFit love the opportunity to get stuff done without having a lot of red tape in the way. They know that their work directly contributes to the product and can see the impact of their efforts. On top of that, there’s room to grow and be mentored. The CTO and tech leads are intentional about meeting up with each developer in order to invest in their growth.  

Ready to join? They’re always on the lookout for strong engineering talent. Learn more about the company and apply here.



  • Work Policy: Hybrid (Hubs in SF, NYC, Seattle, Toronto)
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Funding: Series B, $40M
  • Tech Stack: Node, JavaScript, React

What’s the mission? The world is moving towards more standardized, open, and interconnected data systems. However, employment infrastructure remains complex, closed, and fragmented.

The team at Finch is on a mission to empower innovators with access to the global employment ecosystem. They want to enable companies building products that leverage HR, payroll, and other employment data to do so without having to build all of that infrastructure themselves. 

Learn more about the company in this interview with Co-founder, Ansel Parikh: 

What are the growth opportunities for engineers? The Finch leadership is developing an internal track to train junior engineers, starting in technical support roles and progressing to integration/operations and then into the core engineering teams. 

This company supports employee growth in all of its forms – whether it means stepping into an engineering leadership role or making a lateral move onto a different team. They’ve supported many internal promotions for high performers. 

In addition, engineers at Finch truly get to see the impact of their work. Rather than having engineering teams own a specific feature, they own an entire product from end to end. That means they truly feel a sense of ownership and get to see the business outcomes.

Why do technical employees love working at Finch? Finch is a collaborative, “in the trenches” environment. Their tool is mission-critical for customers, which means engineers get to see the waterfall effect of their work. When one engineer solves a problem, the impact improves the lives of hundreds (or even thousands) of users. 

They’re also very documentation-oriented. This enables new team members to ramp up quickly and helps team members understand the rationale behind decisions that have been made in the past.

In a nutshell, this is a collaborative group of people who feel the freedom to ask questions and grow together. 

Interested in joining? Check out their open roles



  • Work Policy: Hybrid (Office in NYC)
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Funding: Series A, $25M
  • Tech Stack: Typescript, React, Python, Django, FastAPI, PySpark, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Postgres, Databricks

About the company. Grata is the leading deal sourcing platform that helps users find, research, and engage with middle-market companies. Grata was built for innovative dealmakers who want a competitive edge in finding previously undiscoverable companies. Unlike company databases, Grata doesn’t just give flat information. It’s an intuitive, dynamic search engine powered by ML and NLP technology that provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date information you need to get deals done.

They were recently named Best Deal Origination Technology of 2023 by Private Equity Wire

About the culture. Grata is incredibly proud of their exciting, collaborative culture with a strong community-like feel. Outside of regular company events and happy hours, group lunches, and weekly all-hands to celebrate wins and what’s coming up, they strive to promote cross-functional collaboration and knowledge-shares to foster that culture as well. 

They also operate on a hybrid working model out of their Flatiron NYC office, which allows for frequent in-person collaboration, coffee walks, and team lunches both in and out of the office. 

Why do technical employees love to be part of the company?

“I am surrounded by self-driven, capable, no-ego engineers. When someone has a good idea, no matter their role or title, everyone listens.” – Liane Longpré, Staff Machine Learning Engineer 

“I work with some of the nicest, most intelligent, and helpful people I’ve ever met. My colleagues never hesitate to drop what they are doing to support each other, creating an uplifting environment for everyone. I also love Grata’s focus on creating community through frequent company events, weekly lunches, and birthday shout-outs.” – Sindura Ravichandran, Senior Product Manager

Want to join the mission? Take a look at their open roles and apply



  • Work Policy: Fully Remote
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Funding: Series A, $18M

What problems are they solving? TrustCloud is on a mission to help companies grow and earn trust in every business relationship. 

They’re tackling 3 key problems:

  1. Upgrade GRC from a cost center into a profit center.   
  2. Transform GRC from “governance, risk, and check-the-box” into Trust Assurance. 
  3. Democratize GRC from an expensive, confusing requirement into an affordable and approachable skill for everyone.

Learn more about the TrustCloud platform.

How do they encourage professional growth for employees? There’s an incredible amount of growth available at TrustCloud. This team has built a workplace where employees freely explore other fields and grow into new roles. 

“At TrustCloud, we have structure and titles, but it’s not a rigid ladder. Leadership encourages everyone to explore other types of roles and find out what’s best for them.” – Kristie Hunziker, VP of People Operations

On top of that, all employees are given an annual budget of $500 to take classes or pursue other learning opportunities. 

In short, TrustCloud encourages its employees to communicate their goals and pursue horizontal/vertical moves. Managers help employees identify their career goals and actively support their growth plans.

What aspects of the culture do employees love?

  • Flexibility. Since the company is fully remote, employees have complete freedom to move anywhere around the world. And many have done so. Others choose to travel abroad while working. The company has found that flexibility is meaningful to top talent and will continue to support employees all around the world. 
  • Authenticity. VP of People Operations, Kristie Hunziker, explains that the CEO is especially approachable and candid. She explains, “his calm, transparent leadership sets the tone for the culture and ends up being contagious.”

Excited to join their mission? Take a look at their current openings.



  • Work Policy: Fully remote
  • Company Size: 75-100
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Funding: Series C, $60M
  • Tech Stack: React, Go (Golang), Python and PostgreSQL (Postgres)

About the company. The team at Clarifai is on a mission to empower developers to quickly co-create, share, and use The World’s AI™ for production. The company’s fullstack AI platform supports the full AI development lifecycle; including dataset preparation, model training and deployment. 

They were named a 2022 “Leader” in IDC MarketScape:

How are they fostering a healthy culture? The leaders at Clarifai are incredibly intentional about creating a healthy workplace for all employees.

Here are just a few ways they’re fostering culture: 

  • Home Office Support. The team at Clarifai is fully remote. To support their employees, Clarifai offers financial support to help establish a home office. From a computer monitor to a standing desk, they ensure employees have the ideal set-up. 
  • Educational Budget. This company is passionate about learning. To promote development and growth for all employees, an annual stipend is offered. 
  • Hack Days. Held once a month, Clarifai Hack Days are a time when everyone in the company is encouraged to form small teams and explore a new idea or build something new. Similar to a hackathon the work is timebound and sometimes even competitive. They get to present what they’ve built in the All Hands meeting for the whole company to see. 
  • Donut Hangouts. The company has set up bi-weekly hangouts for employees using the Donut App. This is a great way to introduce teammates who don’t normally interact with each other and create a way for the team to stay connected. 

Here’s what their employees are saying about being part of the team: 

“Clarifai has a talent for attracting brilliant, driven people who don’t just want to get the job done, they want to put out truly excellent work. When we get a new project, I feel like it’s Mission Impossible: by the end of the first meeting everyone’s got their assignment and we do whatever it takes to see things through.”  – Alaina Patzer, Data Strategist

“I believe that all the engineering and research managers I’ve interacted with have been very supportive in personal and team growth. We’d actively seek out complex problems to solve and dedicate time to catch up on industry trends. Also I don’t think it’s often that one gets to learn a whole new programming language and start contributing into the production codebase, so I’m thankful for having that opportunity.” – Sr Research Engineer 

Want to join the company? Take a look at job openings



  • Work Policy: Work from anywhere
  • Company Size: 75-100
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Total Funding: $100M+
  • Tech Stack: React, Go, Scala, Python

What’s the mission? Collective[i] is on a mission to unearth economic opportunity that makes people and companies more prosperous. The problem they solve is that companies lack the data, transparency, collaboration tools, and insights that enable adaptation in dynamic market conditions.  As a result, decisions about where to invest time and resources are often made based on human opinion, flawed assumptions, or historical performance. 

Collective[i] is a foundation model (like OpenAI and DeepMind) that has been trained on over a decade of B2B buying and selling activity. The company leverages deep learning/neural networks to enable people and companies to input their data and receive personalized insights about revenue opportunities and risks. 

In short, Collective[i] provides generative AI that removes tasks and replicates the work of an army of internal economists and business analysts with access to massive amounts of dynamic data related to buying and selling activities happening daily. Collective[i]’s applications automate data capture into CRM, forecast revenue, assess pipeline health, and give customer-facing teams guidance that ensures their focus on the highest value opportunities. Our intelligence adapts to changing conditions and our collaboration tools enable teams to align their activities to changing market conditions and buying patterns.

They’re making an impact in the realm of sales forecasting, revenue growth, and much more!

About the culture. Collective[i] values continuous learning and encourages a culture of innovation. They regularly host sessions that introduce employees to new ideas and better ways of operating.

The company’s core values include being direct and striving for the extraordinary which means they’re always looking for diverse perspectives and innovative ways to operate. They’re proud of how their teams introduce and process new ideas. They celebrate when these ideas are shared with the hope of growing their own Collective intelligence (i.e., what the company name stands for!)

The team at Collective[i] truly embodies a commitment to excellence by embracing inclusivity, innovation, and exploration. Their open-minded approach to talent, workplace, and products fuels innovation and market leadership. Their values are centered around being curious, direct, delivering, striving for the extraordinary, and succeeding together. Working in a space that will define the next century of work is thrilling and to have a team who all share that mission is the magic of Collective[i].

Want to learn more? Hear from founder, Heidi Messer, as she discusses the role of Soft Skills in Tech:

Excited to join the team? Take a look at their open roles!



  • Work Policy: Fully Remote (Office in Seattle)
  • Company Size: 75-100
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Funding: Series B, $35M

About the company. Legal tech startup, Lexion, was formed out of the
Allen Institute for AIThe startup’s three founders met in 2018, the same year that major breakthroughs in natural language processing occurred. Motivated by using this tech to eliminate tedious work, the trio immediately saw the value of automatically extracting key details from contracts – to free legal teams from menial tasks like filing contracts and manual reporting, so they can focus on what really matters: growing the business and providing strategic advice.

They founded Lexion in 2019 to make this a reality. 

Hear from co-founder and CEO Gaurav Oberoi as they discuss the birth and growth of Lexion, and applying AI to change an industry:

What’s the team culture like?

  • The leaders model work-life balance. Lexion leaders regularly take off time for their families and encourage employees to do the same. “We’ve developed a very parent-friendly culture. Team members feel comfortable routinely blocking off time on their calendar to attend a soccer game or pick up kids from school.” – Laura Reigel, Chief Marketing Officer
  • The team is transparent. Lexion leaders inspire employees to bring their whole selves to work. One employee, Krysta Johnson, highlights this aspect of the company culture in her article about coming out as autistic at work. She shares, “When I came out as autistic on LinkedIn eight months ago, it was the corporate culture fostered by my software company that finally gave me the freedom to be my authentic self both at work and in my professional community…”
  • Engineers ship quickly. New engineers at Lexion start to release things into production within the first week. This is a direct product of their culture of ownership. They truly understand the importance of iteration. Rather than looking for perfection, they expect the team to ship quickly and then improve on it. 
  • Engineers choose a career track. Laura Reigel, Chief Marketing Officer, shares that “At a lot of organizations, you either have to go into management or you’re kind of stuck where you are. At Lexion, we built career tracks for both technical managers and ICs. These tracks allow senior technical folks to be equally respected and rewarded, regardless of whether or not they step into people management.” 

How do they prioritize diversity in the workplace? At Lexion, diversity isn’t just a bolt-on. It’s something they truly believe in and prioritize. They want to ensure the team represents all different walks of life, which is one of the reasons they chose to be a remote-first company.

What does the team look like? The engineering team consists of 56% women and half of their senior leadership team are women. They also have team members from all different parts of the world, as well as varied age groups. 

Interested in joining the team? Take a look at their open roles.



  • Work Policy: Hybrid (U.S. Offices in Norwalk, CT and Royal Oak, MI). Fully remote opportunities available. 
  • Company Size: 75-100
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Total Funding: $41.6M
  • Tech Stack: Java

What problems are they solving? 70% of all strategic initiatives fail to deliver the expected outcomes. That could be due to misalignment between specific investments and the organization’s strategic goals, prioritization challenges, execution challenges, or lack of unified data to demonstrate ROI. 

Shibumi was engineered to address these problems from its very founding. Their team is on a mission to empower businesses to simplify execution, reduce risk, maximize results and reach their most strategic objectives.

Learn more about the platform: 

What’s the technical team culture like? The technical teams at Shibumi work on a 2-week sprint model. Every other sprint, each team is given a personal improvement day. This day can be used to work towards certifications, research topics they want to learn about, and work on random things that they never get to work on. The goal is to give engineers time and space to explore areas of interest and “stretch their muscles.” 

Employees are also encouraged to expand their knowledge and truly branch out. For example, front-end engineers are encouraged to gain experience working on the backend (and vice versa). The result? They’ve built a team of engineers who are passionate about learning and who have a wide breadth of technical skills. 

Here’s how the engineering teams are structured: 

  • Core Platform Team (Based in Royal Oak, MI)
  • Go to Market Team
  • Solutions Consultants

Want to join their team? Check out their open roles



  • Work Policy: (HQ in Detroit, MI)
  • Company Size: 100-150
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Total Funding: $8M
  • Tech Stack: Java, Quarkus, Python, JavaScript, RxJS, Angular, Flutter, Kubernetes, Kafka, MongoDB, ClickHouse, Cucumber, Selenium

What’s the mission? This team is on a mission to accelerate real estate’s transition to sustainability while creating amazing experiences. 

Their platform integrates all forms of building management, IoT, and operational systems into a single pane of glass with applications that reduce energy and carbon emissions while automating operations and orchestrating amazing experiences for the people who live, work, visit and play in the built environment.

Find out more about the impact they’re making

What are the professional growth opportunities for employees? The leaders at KODE Labs encourage autonomy and ownership, empowering the team to drive their career development. They develop a professional development path for each of their team members with Roadmap Objectives and Professional Development Objectives. 

Employees are encouraged to create their own Career Progression Framework, which gives visibility to each technical team member about the opportunities they have within KODE Labs. Lastly, they provide access to ongoing training, mentorship, and challenging projects that allow employees to expand their skills. 

The leadership wants to provide opportunities for each team member to grow and build a career they feel proud of. Within the company, Software Developers have become Technical Leads, Product Managers, Data Engineers or Solutions Architects amongst other career paths. This is a place where team members are truly encouraged to shape their own future. 

How do they prioritize diversity? KODE Labs was built through diversity… it’s part of their name and story. They have over 100 team members from different continents, which means their commitment to diversity is reflected in the way they approach recruitment, retention, and overall organizational practices. 

They actively seek diversity in their talent pool by using inclusive language in job descriptions, partnering with a wide range of recruitment sources, and implementing blind resume reviews to minimize unconscious biases. This team is committed to providing equal opportunities for career development, mentorship, and promotion to all employees, regardless of their background. 

Ready to join the mission? Check out their current job openings



  • Work Policy: Remote or Hybrid (HQ in Baltimore, MD)
  • Company Size: 100-150
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Funding: Series D, $21M

What problem are they solving? Although hospitals in the U.S. spend $39B per year to maintain compliance, most of it goes towards time-consuming, inefficient manual tasks. 

The team at Protenus believes that money could be better spent on improving patient outcomes and decided to tackle the problem of compliance through the use of AI and advanced analytics. 

They’ve built two main products that solve two compliance problems: 

  • Protect Patient Privacy. Their Privacy product identifies any time someone accesses a patient’s record inappropriately, thus protecting patient privacy and shielding hospitals from breaching HIPAA violations.
  • Prevent Drug Diversion. This product identifies any time a controlled substance is used inappropriately. 

Both products aim to eliminate risks to patients and liabilities for healthcare organizations. 

Learn more about the company and the problems they’re solving in this interview with the CEO and Co-founder:

What is the company culture like? Protenus was selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2023 Best Places to Work in Healthcare

“We strive to create an open, collaborative environment where every voice is heard and valued. Together we have created a culture that encourages empowerment, work-life balance, and a sense of community…” – Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-founder

The leadership at Protenus has intentionally established values that drive the entire company: 

  • Be human. We celebrate, appreciate, and hold space for one another.
  • Build trust. We create and maintain confidence in ourselves, our teammates, our customers, and our partners.
  • Live Em[Powered]. We support and uplift each other in our work and life.
  • Onward Together. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our mutual purpose.

This team operates with little hierarchy and high transparency. They’ve established a culture of healthy work-life balance, competitive benefits, and remote work flexibility. Employees are proud to work on healthcare problems that really impact people’s lives. 

Ready to apply? Check out their career opportunities



  • Work Policy: Fully Remote (HQ in Menlo Park, CA)
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Funding: Series B, $31M
  • Tech Stack: Python, Scala, Spark, AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery

What are they building? This team is on a mission to help companies generate value from their data by getting it cleaned up and processed efficiently at scale.

Their platform enables users to build intelligent data pipelines in minutes. It detects and propagates change across the user’s data ecosystem, ensures accuracy end-to-end, and reduces the cost of data products.

This is an incredibly powerful data platform that drives real impact in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to business analytics.

Learn more about the problems they’re solving: 

About the culture. Ascend.io is a global, remote-first team, with a new office space in the Bay Area where employees can optionally work from. They truly value in-person collaboration and as a result, bring the full team together for a quarterly kickoff. They choose a fun location and use the time to connect and plan for the upcoming quarter. 

They also hold quarterly hackathons as a way to bring everyone together and encourage growth. The hackathons are company-wide, which means employees from all departments get the chance to collaborate and get to know each other. 

Learn more about the company in this interview with CEO, Sean Knapp: 

Want to join the team? Take a look at their open roles and apply



Here at hatch I.T., we’re passionate about helping tech professionals land their next role at a growing startup or small business. If you’re looking for more technical openings at an exciting tech company, check out our collection of technical career opportunities.

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Charting the Future: 7 AI Companies Hiring Top Talent Now

As AI continues to march forward, more and more companies are bringing cutting-edge innovation into the space. And guess what? We’ve got the inside scoop on seven AI trailblazers. Each one is looking to hire talented technologists. In order from smallest to largest in...

Tech Talent Wanted: Discover 5 Thriving Software Innovators

Tech Talent Wanted: Discover 5 Thriving Software Innovators

In this article, we delve into the exciting realm of software innovation, highlighting five dynamic companies that are not only driving technological advancements but are also on the lookout for top-tier talent to join their ranks. Whether you're an experienced...

9 Innovative GovTech Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

9 Innovative GovTech Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

Picture this: working at a company where innovation isn't just a buzzword but a way of life, where every line of code and every data point is a piece of a larger puzzle to modernize and revolutionize how our government operates.  That could be your future. In this...