Discover the Future of Govtech: 5 Companies on the Rise in 2024

Looking to steer your career toward innovation in the federal sector?

You’re in the right place.

In the world of government technology, 2024 is shaping up to be a noteworthy year.

We’ve scouted the terrain and found five incredible Govtech companies that are gearing up for some serious growth – and guess what? They’re on the hunt for bright minds like yours to join them!

In order from smallest to largest in size, we’ve included key information that will help you find the right fit.

  1. APEX TK
  2. Agile Six
  3. 9th Way Insignia
  4. Sierra7



  • Work Policy: Hybrid (HQ in Tampa, FL)
  • Company Size: 10-25
  • Year Founded: 2021

About the company. APEX TK is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) specializing in hands-on experience in all operational and strategic advisement levels. Whether complex Major Weapons Systems Integration or advising the government on their next billion-dollar acquisition program, this team has capable, qualified, and highly vetted resources to assist both Private and Public Sector mission requirements.

In short, APEX TK is on a mission to provide domain experts that are precise and efficient that stand ready to defeat and overcome their client’s most complex challenges.

What agencies are they serving? This team supports missions within the Missile Defense Agency, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security. Learn more about the impact they’re making.

About the culture. APEX TK is a people-first company. They value their employees and are committed to providing the resources and atmosphere they need to do their best work. 

They intentionally perform together as a team and support one another in all of their accomplishments. While they’re geographically diverse, the team remains connected and strong in their mission of delivering a great work experience for their employees and service to their clients.

Interested in joining? Take a look at their current openings


Agile Six

  • Work Policy: Fully remote
  • Company Size: 100-125
  • Year Founded: 2015

About the company. Agile Six is a people-first, fully remote company that serves shoulder-to-shoulder with federal agencies to find innovative, human-centered solutions. Using modern technology and design, they create user-friendly, accessible and inclusive government services for everyone.

What agencies are they serving? This team supports missions like improving veteran-facing services and benefits delivery at the Department of Veterans Affairs, pandemic readiness at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and modernizing the Medicare payment systems at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Learn more about their mission and the problems they’re solving: 

What aspects of company culture are they proud of? It’s evident that at Agile Six, core values are more than foundational principles. These values serve as a guiding north star. This means that purpose, wholeness, trust, self-management, and inclusion are deeply ingrained in every decision they make and in everything they do.

Dan Levenson, President of Agile Six, explains: 

“Two of our core values are self-management and wholeness. We really believe in putting the power of decision-making where the information lies – with our employees – and we believe in trusting people to do their jobs.” 

The founders at Agile Six intentionally built an organization without traditional middle management. Instead, Agile Six’s coaches support individuals and teams. Rather than give direction, coaches focus on providing support and advice while trusting those closest to the problem to make decisions based on their expertise and relationships.

This team also measures success by team-based outcomes. All of their contracts are outcome-based, which means the company focuses on delivering quality work instead of punching in and out at certain times. 

Here’s what employees have to say about working at Agile Six: 

“If anybody’s looking to break into tech or develop skills in tech, look at companies such as Agile Six that have a purposeful mission and put people first. It changes how you perceive things in life and genuinely allows you to appreciate the work you do.” – Athena, UX Researcher

“Purposeful work is a big deal; It is rewarding because I know what I’m doing is helping Veterans… as a Veteran, there’s nothing more important I could be doing.” – Edmund, Service-Disabled Veteran, Engineer

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9th Way Insignia

  • Work Policy: 9th Way Insignia is a remote-first company, with a small percentage of work conducted on client sites. Hybrid options are available in Ashburn, VA and New Orleans, LA.
  • Company Size: 100-150
  • Year Founded: 2018

About the company. 9th Way Insignia provides results-oriented solutions to federal government customers, with a focus on cybersecurity and data analytics, IT services, and software development. Their applied analytics practice is implementing automation, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) to augment and improve core IT and business processes, resulting in more efficient operations, labor savings, and improved user experience.

9th Way Insignia serves the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)—their primary customer—as a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, and approximately 30% of their employees are veterans. The company is leading several digital transformation initiatives at the VA Office of Information Security, Office of Health Transformation, and Financial Management Business Transformation.

Hear from CEO, Steve Ikirt, to learn more:

About the culture. 9th Way Insignia’s core values of integrity, excellence, and courage are demonstrated by honesty, fairness, transparency, and accountability, as well as open and honest communication with each other, their partners, and their customers. The company is committed to transparency across the entire organization, including a “blank slate” environment where employees can talk openly with leadership.

What are the opportunities for professional growth? 9th Way Insignia’s employees receive tuition assistance to obtain educational requirements; an individual budget for networking and conferences to enhance technical networks; and reimbursement for technical certifications. The company also promotes a strong culture of internal mobility—promoting and staffing from within before looking externally.

Want to join the team? Check out their open roles!



  • Work Policy: Fully remote (HQ in Washington, DC)
  • Company Size: 250-300
  • Year Founded: 2009

About the company. Sierra7 was founded with the Mission to “Serve Those Who Serve” through delivery of innovative healthcare and technology solutions. In 2023, they ranked No. 459 on the Inc. 5000 annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. 

Learn more about the impact they’re making: 

How does leadership encourage professional growth for technical team members? At Sierra7, the leaders intentionally invest in their team in a number of ways, including:

  • A dedicated Learning and Enablement Manager focused on organizational and individual learning needs. They offer all team members customized learning and development through LinkedIn Learning. Employees set professional development goals annually to achieve organizational commitments to client needs, but also to provide continued learning opportunities that team members have expressed interest in.
  • A Veterans Leadership program which offers mentorship, leadership development, Lean Six Sigma certification, and readiness for promotional opportunities.

How do they prioritize diversity in the workplace? Sierra7 has a team member focused specifically on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and unconscious bias is part of their Onboarding plan. They’ve also implemented a Veteran focus group and are creating other employee-focused groups to educate team members about how embracing each other’s differences and learning about each other’s cultures can positively impact both the team’s culture and client engagement.

What differentiates this company from others in the industry?

“One word….our people. We understand that it is our employees and their relationship to each other and our clients that differentiates us from competition.” – Gina Gallagher, Chief Growth Officer

The leadership at Sierra7 has placed a strong emphasis on communication with team members and listening to their feedback. They have an ‘Innovation Vault’ in which employees suggest ideas to improve the business or processes in some way. Those ideas are reviewed, acted upon, and measured to track impact. 

Sound exciting? Check out their open roles and apply



  • Work Policy: Hybrid (Locations worldwide)
  • Company Size: 300+
  • Year Founded: 2009

What problems are they solving? The team at TJFACT provides services and skilled staffing to government clients for complex projects. 

What types of projects do they focus on? Here are just a few examples. TJFACT helped the Center for Global Health transition its in-classroom curriculum to a virtual learning environment. They’ve also supported the US Army by managing supply chain and logistics and created a data modernization strategic plan for the CDC. 

Their main government contracts are with the Army, State Department, and CDC.

About the culture. TJFACT has built an employee-focused environment that encourages authenticity. Team members have the opportunity to transition between contracts and are supported in their career journey. 

They have a remote-friendly environment and intentionally foster a culture where these employees feel like they’re part of the team. 

This company is passionate about giving back to the community. How do they carry out this passion? The company organizes food drives and delivers meals to those in need. Employees are encouraged to volunteer with their nonprofit of choice and are given opportunities to support meaningful causes. 

In addition, TJFACT offers an annual scholarship program where recipients are given the chance to work as interns with TJFACT to learn about career options and work in a professional environment.

Learn more about their culture and core values: 

Love the mission? Take a look at their open roles!


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