9 Innovative GovTech Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

Picture this: working at a company where innovation isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life, where every line of code and every data point is a piece of a larger puzzle to modernize and revolutionize how our government operates. 

That could be your future.

In this article, we shine a light on nine companies making waves in the federal tech scene. 

And the best news? They’re all hiring. 

In order from smallest to largest in size, we highlight the culture, innovation, and most importantly, the roles they’re itching to fill.

Happy job search!


  1. Mach9
  2. Champ Titles
  3. WTI
  4. IvoryCloud
  5. Amida
  6. SeKON
  7. Bcore
  8. Parry Labs
  9. Omitron



  • Location: In Office (San Francisco, CA)
  • Company Size: 10
  • Year Founded: 2021

Mach9 is building geospatial AI to help large surveying and engineering firms make maps faster by converting massive-scale mobile LiDAR scans into 2D and 3D engineering models up to 30x faster and at half the cost than manual point and click solutions. 

This software automates the process of converting data from surveying hardware into usable vector maps. 

Learn more about the product:

Want to learn more about the company? Tune into this interview with Co-Founder and CEO, Alexander Baikovitz

Professional growth opportunities. Mach9 has a strong mentorship program for internal team members leveraging external advisors and investors as mentors. As a result, employees get exposure to all parts of the product and business.

On top of that, the engineering team gathers for weekly brainstorming sessions on Friday afternoons. This is a time where anyone in the company can share random ideas – no matter how crazy or off the wall they may seem. CTO, Zachary Sussman, shares that, “There have been some incredible ideas that have been implemented as a result of these sessions.” 

Want to join the team? Check out their open roles


Champ Titles

  • Location: In Office (Cleveland, OH)
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2018

The team at Champ is on a mission to be the world’s asset registry for movable assets. Since DMVs in the United States have antiquated title registration systems, that results in inefficiencies for banks, dealers, insurance companies, and consumers when transacting vehicles. Champ makes DMV processes digital and remote to solve these problems. 

They recently raised $18 million in Series C funding. CEO, Shane Bigelow shares, “We could have continued growing at a measured pace, but we are incredibly excited and grateful to have this round of financing to accelerate our business as we enter our next phase of growth with our great state DMV partners”

Learn more about the problem they’re solving:

About the culture. 

“When you’re on a mission to bring modernization into the government, you end up hearing ‘no’ a lot. We have a mindset at Champ where we treat ‘no’ as a stumbling block on the way to ‘yes’” – Shane Bigelow, CEO

The team at Champ also embraces a healthy culture of feedback and peer review, which pushes all of them to the highest possible performance. 

They’re comfortable with being direct and give each other constructive criticism. This stands true across the entire company: from the most junior team member to the C-suite. But they have a rule: You must be fair in order to be direct.

The result? This culture allows the company to move fast with transparency.

Growth opportunities at Champ. This is a technically heavy company where 75% of the employees are technologists working on the product. 

There’s a significant amount of growth that’s expected to expand the system of record globally, which provides ongoing opportunities to improve the tech stack and learn new skills.

When it comes to individual growth, Champ also provides training budgets, online course access, and conference participation to encourage professional development. 

Ready to join the mission? Take a look at Champ’s open roles.



  • Location: Fairfax, VA
  • Company Size: 50-75
  • Year Founded: 2001

Headquartered in the National Capital Region, WTI is a CMMI® Level 3 appraised, Woman-Owned Small Business committed to helping government and industry harness the power of actionable information through Information Technology solutions. This team provides data management solutions that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of information assets. WTI enables data standardization for AI solutions and delivers data management solutions that integrate, protect, enhance and add value to digital information assets. WTI assists government agencies to meet the challenge of making disparate information accessible, interoperable, and available on demand in real or near-real time, while still ensuring security, privacy, and compliance with government guidelines.

What’s the culture like?

“We hire to retire. It’s important to our leadership that every single person feels like they’re an important member of the team, because we know people are key to our success.” – Danielle Parker, Chief People Officer

The leaders at WTI understand the importance of professional growth and development for their employees. Not only do they offer traditional educational and training reimbursement opportunities, they also take the time to learn about the long term development goals of each team member. From there, they develop plans of action with employees in order to ensure they can grow and achieve their career goals. 

“When it comes to hiring new team members, we look at personality, character, and trainability. We need folks who can constantly grow, who have a passion for our customers and their missions and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and solve problems.” – Kris Chester, Chief Technology Officer

How are they building a diverse team?  

“The roles we contract for are extremely technical and complex. Often times, our engineers are doing something for the first time. These problems cannot be solved alone. We need diversity of thought, experience, and background in order to solve these problems.” – Kris Chester,  Chief Technology Officer

The team at WTI brings in a diverse workforce through a number of methods. They are part of the Department of Defense’s Skillbridge program and an official Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certified company, where they hire interns coming out of the military. Through these programs, they introduce veterans to the government contracting world. They also partner with Max Potential to hire employees transitioning out of a variety of career backgrounds. 

Interested in finding out more? Contact their Chief People Officer at CPO@wti-solutions.com



  • Location: Fully Remote & Hybrid opportunities available (HQ in Rockville, MD)
  • Company Size: 75-100
  • Year Founded: 2011

Established in 2011, IvoryCloud has swiftly become a prominent player in the landscape of tech solutions for the federal government. With a workforce of 74 individuals (and quickly growing!), they operate as a certified small disadvantaged business, hold several federal contract vehicle, and boasts a separate tribal-owned joint venture. Notably, approximately 70% of their current endeavors revolve around federal projects, underlining their commitment to addressing the most pressing challenges facing the U.S. government.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is a technically heavy company, with 80% of the team functioning as developers, architects, QA specialists, and project managers.

As a certified 8(a) minority-owned small business, IvoryCloud prioritizes diversity initiatives and leadership throughout every level of the company to foster an inclusive environment. IvoryCloud believes that diverse teams provide a more nuanced understanding of the user experience and ultimately deliver a better product for their customers. They celebrate people from all walks of life and implement practices to ensure a diverse pool of candidates are considered for job openings. This can include using blind resume reviews, diverse sourcing strategies, and creating inclusive job descriptions. The results show in their demographics as 58% of their employees are minorities, roughly 50% are female, and members that identify within the LGBQTIA community. And on top of that, they have a 97% employee retention rate. 

IvoryCloud promotes a culture of engagement, innovation, and tolerance through training, team building activities, professional coaching, and mentoring. They invite all employees to participate in anonymous surveys for feedback on the company multiple times a year to promote honesty, privacy, and continuous improvement.  

What growth opportunities are available for their employees? The leadership at IvoryCloud prioritizes the professional development of their employees and provides opportunities for cross-training so that team members can find the best possible career track within the company.  A semiannual goal setting process, mentorship program, access to relevant trainings, reimbursement for industry-related certifications, and a generous employee bonus program all encourage professional development across the company. 

Want to join the team? Take a look at their open roles and apply



  • Location: Hybrid (Office in Washington, DC)
  • Company Size: 100-150
  • Year Founded: 2013

Amida is a data management company that solves the most complex challenges related to data interoperability, exchange, governance, and security. From conception through deployment, they create and manage solutions that enable the reliable exchange of sensitive information.

In particular, they do a lot of work in the health space. The reason? Health care providers face a common challenge when it comes to accessing patient data: every patient has immunization information, clinical notes, diagnostic imaging and more crucial data. However, this information is typically  in segregated, isolated databases. To provide the best care, clinicians need access to all of that information.

That’s where Amida steps in. Their technology consolidates datasets from disparate sources, enabling their users to get the full picture and better perform their daily tasks. 

Tune into this interview with CEO, Peter Levin, to learn more about their work:

About the culture. 

The team at Amida lives and breathes their core values. 

  • Impact. We care about outcomes. We focus on work that enables secure access to reliable data that drive insights and inform decisions.
  • Excellence. We care about details. We lean forward – with urgency, transparency, and integrity – to identify problems, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.
  • Joy. We care about people. We believe joy is a result of impact and excellence. We nourish talent, encourage growth, embrace challenge, and seize opportunities to help each other.

“As a company we strive to do stuff that matters with people we care about.” – Peter Levin, CEO

Amida is hiring! Check out their open roles and apply



  • Location: Offices in Northern VA and Atlanta, GA with team members working remote across the US
  • Company Size: 100-150
  • Year Founded: 1996

SeKON is a trusted advisor to both defense and civilian agencies, with a focus on cybersecurity, digital transformation, AI, and DevSecOps. Their ability to utilize lean and agile thinking, along with fanatical customer service leaves only one result – mission-focused success. Over the years, they’ve remained focused on their vision: providing premier business strategy and professional consulting services to federal government agencies.

Recognition and Awards. 

CEO Dr. Angela Wilson recently won the IGNITE 2024 Award! This Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their field. As the recipient of this esteemed award, Dr. Wilson has exemplified unparalleled dedication and visionary leadership, setting a standard of excellence for their peers.

SeKON has also won awards for diversity, workplace culture, and more!

What’s the team culture like? 

Here are the values they strive to embody: 

  • Accountability. We are our word
  • Integrity. Do the right thing, always
  • Truth. The intersection of words and actions
  • Passion. The genesis of genius
  • Service. Do good for other people
  • Humility. Provide self-less service

They have an impressive Glassdoor rating of 4.4 and a CEO approval rating of 96%.

Ready to join the team? Check out their open roles



  • Location: Primarily office-based work with some hybrid options available (Offices in Northern VA and Missouri)
  • Company Size: 150-200
  • Year Founded: 2013

The Bcore team has supported the government in various capacities for over 20 years and, now for over 5 years as a company, continues solving the government’s toughest IT and visual intelligence problems. This team is on a mission to revolutionize the federal space in the areas of cybersecurity, DevOps engineering and visual intelligence.

Today, they serve The United States Navy, Health and Human Services, and NASA.

About the culture. The leadership at Bcore has actively built a culture with a strong emphasis on supporting team members and their families. This is a passionate group that aims to be problem solvers shaping the future of national security, making decisions quickly and challenging the status quo.

In 2018 and 2022, Bcore was ranked as a top 3 Best Place to Work by the Washington Business Journal in the Small Business Category. 

How they encourage professional growth. Bcore provides opportunities for growth and learning new skills. They don’t pigeonhole team members into one static career path. Rather, they empower entrepreneurial thinking and out-of-the-box solutions.

Here are just a few of the ways they actively encourage professional development for the team: 

  • Tuition reimbursement for formal education
  • Conferences and events
  • Performance bonuses and salary increases based on performance
  • Referral bonuses for both internal and external candidates

How they foster innovation. Technology is rapidly changing, and Bcore is proactively integrating cutting-edge concepts and technologies into its design and development strategies. 

Bcore created an initiative known as bcoreX. This effort allows their team to prototype, develop, and evaluate new technologies to expand their skillsets and advance technically. No matter if you’re looking to sharpen your skills or gain some new ones, bcoreX encourages collaboration to learn as a team.

Hear from Chief Innovation Officer, Vinita Fordham in this interview

Health for all. In today’s “always-on” world, we have more on our plates than ever before — often times our health and wellness are the first to be pushed to the side. To combat that, Bcore created their bFit Initiative. bFit combines group accountability, motivation and education to help the team reach their personal fitness aspirations. Whether it’s training for that upcoming 5k, making your return to the gym or simply hitting your daily steps, bFit encompasses everyone’s goals.

Ready to join? Explore their open roles and apply today


Parry Labs

  • Location: Fully Remote & Hybrid opportunities available (Offices in Alexandria, VA, Dallas, TX, Huntsville, AL, and Columbia, MD)
  • Company Size: 200-250
  • Year Founded: 2016

Parry Labs’ mission is to aid in the protection of the American warfighter through fast, secure, and future-proof digital systems integration. They provide hardware, software, and digital engineering solutions across all military domains and services – air, ground, sea, and space. Their solutions help modernize platforms across the Department of Defense in an agnostic way, allowing different vendor software and hardware to work together for better battlefield capabilities.

Learn more about the problems they’re solving: 

Why employees love working here. 

“We’re a group of people who genuinely like one another and who are sprinting towards a common goal… Wins are constantly communicated and celebrated, which helps the entire team feel a sense of connection and accomplishment.” — Chelsea Stearns, Director of HR

The team members at Parry Labs are agile, open-minded, innovative, and unafraid of challenging the status quo. There is a lot of room for growth, allowing employees to take on leadership roles quickly. 

At Parry, they’re incredibly intentional about training diverse team members to be ready for leadership, which has enabled many women and veteran employees to step into roles as managers and beyond.

Recent company achievements. 

Want to join the team? Take a look at their open roles and apply



  • Location: In Office and Remote Opportunities available (Offices in Beltsville, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, Los Angeles, CA, and Northern VA)  
  • Company Size: 250-300
  • Year Founded: 1984
  • Tech Stack: Angular, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Kafka, Kubernetes, MATLAB, Python, Perl, React, Shell, SQL

The team at Omitron is on a mission to design, develop, operate and sustain systems that advance space exploration and protect mission critical assets. They deliver multi-disciplinary expertise in spaceflight safety, satellite ground systems and engineering services for civil, defense and national space programs. 

They were recently presented NASA’s Team Award for Space Flight Awareness.

What agencies do they serve? Primarily NASA, NOAA, Air Force, Space Force, and the intelligence community. They’re also currently helping Department of Commerce stand up their space traffic management office. 

What differentiates Omitron from other companies in the industry? The team is mission-focused rather than profit-driven, enabling their engineers to do high quality work without business pressures. They work on niche high-end problems that few get access to and have tight development cycles to quickly get solutions back to government customers. 

About the culture. This team primarily consists of technically-minded problem solvers. This is a curious bunch who thrive on a good challenge, are self-motivated, and know how to manage their own day-to-day responsibilities. 

The team ranges from brand new graduates to employees who have been at Omitron for decades. As a result, these groups are paired together in order to solve problems, build a mentorship relationship,  and produce higher quality work as a result.

Sound exciting? They’re hiring now. Take a look at their openings and apply!  


Here at hatch I.T., we’re passionate about helping tech professionals land their next role. If you’re looking for more technical openings at an exciting tech company, check out our collection of technical career opportunities.

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