9 Awesome FinTech Startups to Check Out During Your Job Search

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best fintech startups to work for and outline their tech stack, product, financial standing (and much more!).

These companies range in size, from 15 employees to over 300. We’ve ordered them from smallest to largest.

The bonus? They’re all hiring technologists (engineering, data, and product).

If you find your fit, go right ahead and submit your application below.

Happy job search!



  • Work Policy: Fully remote
  • Company size: 10-25
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Funding: $5.3M, Seed

What’s the company’s mission? The team at Future is on a mission to make climate-smart living accessible and rewarding. Their card allows users to earn cashback on purchases that support sustainability. 

While many other cards offer extra points on spending with a high carbon footprint, like flying or filling up your tank. The FutureCard Visa® Debit Card rewards cardholders for spending with a lower carbon footprint. Users receive cashback on public transport, electric charging, bikes & scooters, renewed clothes, electronics & furniture, plant-based meat, dairy & eggs.

Hear from the CEO, Jean-Louis Warnholz, about the impact their team is making.

Why do technical team members love working at Future? The leadership at Future fosters a culture of innovation and provides their employees with exciting challenges to solve. Their CTO, Kamal Bhattacharya, is a professor in Germany and truly encourages professional growth and learning among the technical team (whether that comes from mentorship, completing a certification, attending a conference, or another learning opportunity). 

Interested in joining the team? Take a look at their open roles.




  • Work Policy: Fully Remote
  • Company size: 10-25
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Funding: $8.8M, Seed

About the team. The leadership at Ledgebrook consists of industry veterans with a proven track record of creating & scaling insurance products. By leveraging a combination of modern technology and underwriting expertise, this team aims to differentiate itself by providing the fastest, easiest quoting experience to wholesale brokers. 

Hear from the CEO, Gage Caligaris, as he shares about the company mission and how Ledgebrook came about. 

What product are they building? Ledgebrook’s platform provides underwriting using advanced analytics and a data-centric approach. It enables insurance companies to efficiently provide underwriting solutions to their clients. Learn more about their product launch.

Want to join? The team at Ledgebrook is poised for an enormous amount of growth and is hiring software engineers all over the globe. Check out their open roles!




  • Work Policy: Hybrid (Offices in Washington, DC or Austin, TX)
  • Company size: 10-25
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Funding: $18.5M, Series A

What’s their mission? The team at Method is on a mission to improve the financial lives of millions of Americans. Their story dates back to the summer of 2019 when their team discovered the massive hurdle of interfacing with users’ student loans. They dug deeper and learned that there is a systemic data and payment access problem across all types of liabilities. Their mission is to address the inequality gap by providing consumers with more competitive and affordable credit and empowering consumers to better manage their liabilities in one place. Their Liability APIs power real-time data and payment access for consumer liabilities held at over 15,000+ FIs in the US, covering 95% of all outstanding consumer debt. 

Learn more about their recent round of funding and growth plans:

Want to learn more? Here’s the story of what they accomplished in their first year and where they’re heading.

Curious about joining the team? Explore their current openings.




  • Work Policy: Fully Remote 
  • Company size: 25-50
  • Tech Stack: ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Kubernetes
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Funding: $12.5M, Series A 

What are they building? The team at Ordway has built a finance platform for innovative business models. Their software provides billing, accounting, and KPI reporting for recurring revenue businesses, replacing semi-automated processes based upon spreadsheets with fully automated workflows that enable businesses to scale faster.

About the culture. At Ordway, the leadership has truly fostered a sense of empowerment, encouraging employees to take ownership of their careers and invest in their professional development. CEO, Sameer Gulati, shares  “Everyone needs to be the CEO of their roles. If you own what you do, you will truly enjoy your role.” 

They also pair senior employees with more junior ones, in order to create a strong environment of mentorship and professional growth. 

In 2022, they ranked on the Inc. 5000 list

Curious about joining the team? Check out their current openings




  • Work Policy: Remote (Optional in-person available for employees living in NYC)
  • Company size: 50-75
  • Tech Stack:
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Funding: $44.8M, Series B

About the company. Gauntlet was founded in 2018 by Tarun Chitra, CEO, and Rei Chiang, CTO. The company was developed from Tarun’s years of creating computational simulations in physics, bimolecular systems, applied math, and eventually crypto. Rei built marketplace simulations for self-driving vehicles and spent five years in the HFT industry as a portfolio manager and quant trader. In 2017—after speaking with crypto exchanges and base layer protocols—Tarun and Rei saw an untapped product opportunity to build a platform that could stress test and evaluate smart contracts and protocols. Armed with this insight, they raised capital and started Gauntlet. Get the full story of how the company was founded

Interview with Nick Cannon, VP of Growth. He shares: 

  • Gauntlet’s mission
  • An overview of the core product
  • Current growth drivers and challenges
  • The team building Gauntlet
  • What’s next for Gauntlet

Want to join the team? Take a look at their open roles.




  • Work Policy: Hybrid (New York, NY)
  • Company size: 50-75
  • Tech Stack: Java / Python
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Funding: $81.5M, Series C

About the company. The Kasisto team has set the standard for AI-powered experiences in the financial industry for more than a decade. They’re a group of industry experts who are passionate about driving innovation and transforming how financial institutions engage with people. 

What product are they building? Their team has built a conversational AI channel that allows banks (and other financial institutions) to easily communicate with their customers. Through the AI chat, customers can get information on their personal spending habits and account balances, as well as perform various financial tasks.  Learn about their products.

What are the growth opportunities for technical team members? Technical team members have the opportunity to work on new technology. They often spend time on R&D efforts and get to find solutions for challenging problems in their industry. Many technical team members cross-train, allowing them to experience different types of roles and gain a wide array of technical skills. 

Want to join? Check out their open roles.




  • Work Policy: Fully Remote
  • Company size: 125-150
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Funding: $165.2M, Series B

What’s the company’s mission? The team at Denim is on a mission to make payment transactions for freight brokers, carriers, and shippers fast, simple, and secure. The freight industry is plagued with data silos, inefficiency, and outdated payment methods. Their technology allows freight brokers to simplify their financing operations and easily access the working capital they need to grow. A remote-first company, Denim has been named a Fast Compnay Best Workplace for Innovators in 2022.

Hear from CEO, Bharath Krishnamoorthy, about how the company was founded: 


How are they building a culture of diversity? At Denim, they depend on the unique approaches of their team members to help them solve complex problems. They are committed to increasing diversity across their team and ensuring that Denim is a place where people from all backgrounds can make an impact.

What are the professional growth opportunities? The leadership at Denim intentionally invests in their team, ensuring no one feels like they’re growing stagnant. One way they do this is by giving all employees a career development allowance that they can use towards any kind of relevant professional growth. 

Interested in joining the team? Explore their current roles




  • Work Policy: Fully Remote
  • Company size: 250-300
  • Tech Stack: React / Golang / MySQL
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Funding: $158M, Series C

What problem are they solving? Facet is a membership-based financial planning & wealth management company that provides financial advice that helps members thrive in every facet of their lives. They look at everything money touches and help their members form healthy financial habits and monitor the progress they’ve made along the way. 

Hear from their CEO about the problem they’re solving: 

Why technical employees love being on the team. The team at Facet values drive, ownership, and commitment. Engineers at Facet get to work with a modern stack, use modern development practices, and build greenfield solutions for problems that affect millions of households. Features quickly get into the hands of real users and engineers are empowered to take action when they see something they can improve. 

What are the career opportunities for technical team members? There are a multitude of ways technical team members can grow at Facet. And the leadership team believes that growth can come in many forms, based on each employees interests and career goals. Growth Seekers can grow in many different directions from people management to becoming a SME for a specific part of the platform to launching a new part of the business.

Continued professional growth is also encouraged through their education reimbursement offering, which can be used towards certifications, degrees, courses, and more!

Want to join the team? Check out their open roles.




  • Work Policy: Fully remote (option to go into the office in Washington, DC)
  • Company size: 300-350
  • Tech Stack: AWS, Java, Spring, Springboot, Hibernate, Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, Vue.js & TypeScript for Web
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Funding: $300M+ (through ongoing Reg A “internet Public Offering”)

What problem are they solving? For almost a century, regulatory barriers made it difficult for individuals to invest in private markets, giving billion-dollar institutions preferred access. The result has been that most investors have been limited to public markets and excluded from private investments—ranging from real estate to venture capital. The team at Fundrise built a platform to change that. Their technology provides 387,000+ investors with the buying power and investment opportunities traditionally reserved for billion-dollar institutions.

How are they building a culture of diversity? The leadership at Fundrise has intentionally built diversity into their culture, from the top down. A few ways they encourage diversity is through the following Employee Resource Groups: 

  • Rainbow Rise (This ERG welcomes those who self-identify as Queer and/or are interested in this topic)
  • Women in the Workplace (This ERG welcomes those who identify as a woman and/or are interested in this topic)
  • Rise-On Wellness (This ERG welcomes those who are interested in promoting wellness in the workplace)
  • Working Parents (This ERG welcomes those who are parents)
  • Fundrise Fusion  (This ERG welcomes those who are part of the BIPOC community and/or are interested in this topic) 

In addition, every year the HR team collects employee feedback through an anonymous DEI survey. From this input, their team has been able to create an environment where employees are heard and their feedback truly impacts how the company is led.

In 2023, they were named one of the Washington Post’s Top Workplaces (both nationally and in the D.C. region)

Interested in joining the team? Check out their open roles


Here at hatch I.T., we’re passionate about helping tech professionals land their next role. If you’re looking for more technical openings at an exciting tech company, check out our collection of technical career opportunities.

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